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Sunday, July 23, 2017
Eastern County Cup First Round 2017 Wickets
During the Eastern County Cup First Round match between St. David’s Cricket Club and Bailey’s Bay, players, fans and even commentators questioned some of the decision given by the umpires.

www.islandstats.com has decided to post all the wickets that fell on the day and also the St. David’s captain OJ Pitcher being attended to by paramedics after falling ill.

The match was won by Bailey’s Bay as they are now the cup holders.

Saturday, July 22, 2017
Bermuda Cricket First Division Round Up
Willow Cuts Win by 8 Wickets

Devonshire Recreation Club 77 Willow Cuts 79-2

Devonshire Recreation Club batted first in this First Division match at the Somerset Cricket Club, they were bowled out for 77, with Oledepo Fredericks the top scorer with 32 not out, Jospeh Basden was the pick of the Willow Cuts bowlers with figures of 5.4-1-10-4.

In reply Willow Cuts scored 79/2, with Kwasi James leading the way with a knock of 66, Jodi Maronie returned figures of 4-1-11-1 for the visitors.

Friday, July 21, 2017
Rawlins & Sussex Seconds Defeat Somerset

Somerset Seconds 173 & 294/8 Declared Sussex Seconds 181 & 289/4

Delray Rawlins and his Sussex Seconds teammates have won their 2nd XI Championship match against Somerset 2nd XI by 6 wickets.

Somerset set Sussex a target of 286 to win after they scored 294/8 declared in their second inning. Marcus Trescothick was the Somerset top scorer with 162, while EO Hooper led the Sussex bowling attack with figures of 15-0-102-5, Rawlins bowled 10-0-60-1.

In reply Sussex successfully chased the runs with M Burgess scoring 84 not out and O Robinson adding 74 not out. Rawlins was out for 37 after facing 62 deliveries he hit 5 fours and 2 sixes in his inning.

Somerset 2nd XI 2nd Innings
162 (143) ME Trescothick c SG Whittingham b EO Hooper
..00 (06) EJ Byrom b OE Robinson
..01 (07) TD Rouse c LP Smith b OE Robinson
..76 (117) TB Abell c MG Burgess b Delray Rawlins
..26 (32) RC Davies c & b EO Hooper
..02 (02) L Shaw LBW EO Hooper
..04 (07) DM Bess b EO Hooper
..10 (16) MJ Leach Not Out

..01 (03) F Hand b EO Hooper
..03 (04) R Bridgens Not Out
..09 Extras (2nb-6lb-1b)
294 Total for 8 Wickets Declared

Fall of Wickets: 1-5 ( Byrom), 2-15 (Rouse) 3-234 (Trescothick), 4-274 (Davies), 5-276 (Shaw), 6-278 (Abell), 7-283 (Bess), 8-289 ( Hand)

Sussex Bowlers

12.-2-33-2 OE Robinson
9.0-1-45-0 SG Whittingham
7.0-0-30-0 A Sakande
2.0-0-13-0 AP Barton
15.-0-102-5 EO Hooper
10.-0-60-1 Delray Rawlins
1.0-0-04-0 J Jenner

Sussex 2nd XI 2nd Innings

..28 (41) AJ Robson c & b MJ Leach
.18 (68) TJ Haynes b DM Bess
..32 (67) HZ Finch c TD Rouse b MJ Leach
..37 (62) Delray Rawlins LBW DM Bess
..84 (67) MG Burgess Not Out
..74 (57) OE Robinson Not Out
..16 Extras (2nb-1w-1lb-12b)
289 Total for 4 Wickets after 60.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-42 (Robson), 2-58 (Haynes), 3-126 (Finch), 4-128 (Rawlins)

Somerset Bowlers

7.0-1-32-0 W Pereira
10.-3-44-0 R Bridgens
22.-2-86-2 M Leach
17.-4-74-2 D Bess
3.0-0-28-0 T Rouse
1.1-0-12-0 F Hand
Thursday, July 20, 2017
Bermuda Digicel Sports Show

On the next edition of the Digicel Sports Show host Earl Basden and co-host Jason Ford brings you all the latest in Sports.

Today’s programme he will update you on sports in Bermuda and Bermudians competing globally, we will bring the latest news and video of sports like the Bermuda Women’s Under 20 National team winning their World Cup Qualifier opener in Bermuda, Bermuda winning a gold Medal at the Youth Commonwealth Games, Jessica Lewis competing in London, Eastern County, Cup Match plus much more.

Digicel and www.islandstats.com combine to give you our viewers the best Sports Coverage of Bermuda talent during the show.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Leverock & MCC Universities Draw with Middlesex
Kamau Leverock was and his MCC Universities teammates have drawn their Second XI Championship against Middlesex 2nd XI.

MCC Universities 370/9 & 226/6 Middlesex 612/4

Middlesex resumed at 540/4, they added another 72 runs without losing a wicket, with G Scott scoring 212 not out and R White scored 160 not out.

In reply the MCC Universities would score 226/6, with O Soames the top scorer on 45, Leverock scored 30 not out off 36 deliveries, he hit 5 fours.

Middlesex 2nd 1st Innings

106 (165) TC Lace LWB X Owen
..06 (14) MK Andersson b X Owen
..00 (02) RH Patel LBW X Owen
..97 (103) SS Eskinazi c J Marshall b J Clifford
212 (262) GFB Scott Not Out
160 (197) RG White Not Out
..31 Extras (10nb-6w-5lb-5b-5pen)
612 Total 4 Wickets after 123 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-10 (Andersson) 2-10 (Patel), 3-185 (Eskinazi), 4-223 (Lace)

MCC Universities Bowlers

7.0-1-33-0 Kamua Leverock
30.-5-106-3 X Owen
34-1-178-0 S Rippington
8.0-1-51-0 J Cooke
31.-1-163-0 S Green
13.-0-66-1 J Clifford

MCC Universities XI 1st Innings

..30 (73) W Fraine c Run Out
..05 (16) H Palmer c R White b HW Podmore
..45 (76) O Soames LBW R Patel
..43 (91) N Kumar c A Godsal b RH Patel
..10 (59) J Marshall LBW T Walallawita
..20 (86) J Cooke Not Out

..03 (21) J Tetley c T Lace b T Barber
..30 (36) K Leverock Not Out
..40 Extras (8nb-5w-18lb-9b)
226 Total for 6 after 76.0 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-11 (Palmer), 2-93 (Fraine), 3-96 (Soames), 4-137 (Marshall), 5-160 (Kumar), 6-177 (Tetley)

Middlesex Bowlers

22.-6-47-1 H Podmore
17.-1-71-1 T Barber
23.-5-52-2 R Patel
13.-2-25-1 T Walallawita
1.0-0-04-0 G Scott
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