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Friday, July 07, 2017
PLP Lay Out Sports Plan

Neville Tyrrell
The Progressive Labour Party held a press conference to announce their platform for the 2017 General Election, saying “We’ve combined fresh, new ideas with strong old ones for a platform that truly values all Bermudians.”

In their platform they address Sporting Issues, they state: Your next PLP Government will:

Enable local community organizations and parish councils to pay nominal rents for the use of vacant and derelict government properties.

Rather than sell government properties like Admiralty House and Teucer House, we should lease them to deserving community organizations such as Chewstick and the North Village Community Club. This will create construction jobs for Bermudians and increase government revenue from taxes.

Extend loan guarantees to community clubs for renovations of their facilities in order to make them self-sufficient, in return for verified management controls. If we as a country can extend government guarantees to a private hotel development over which we have no control, then surely we can extend guarantees for the upgrading of our country’s social infrastructure to assist in tackling anti-social behavior and to provide employment in our communities.

Create a local lottery, which will benefit sports development and national sporting bodies. A lottery that is dedicated to sports funding will assist in directing additional resources to our athletes and will be implemented within two years.

Enhance the Cultural Legacy Fund to continue to promote, enhance and celebrate Bermudian culture. RACE RELATIONS Race relations in Bermuda have become more strained over the past few years. The PLP will reduce the racial tension and increase a broader understanding of racial differences by dealing with the issue and not ignoring it. Your next PLP Government will:

Work in alignment with organizations, such as CURB, to develop community-based solutions.

Encourage educational sessions with various community partners with the view to bring about greater understanding of racial relationships and diversity.

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