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Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Deloitte Open Pickleball Tournament Finals

Lexi D'Angelo vs Janice Bucci
The Deloitte Open 2021 Pickleball Tournament was rounded out with 4 hours of exciting Finals play at Pomander Gate Tennis Club.

Bermudaís first Open Pickleball tournament saw the islandís best players step on the court together for competition. Events included Ladies, Menís, and Mixed Doubles played at 2 rating levels Ė 3.4 & below and 3.5 & above. And for the first time Singles events were offered with Ladies and Menís groupings playing at the same 2 rating levels.

Dianne McLeod-Blais reached the Final in all 3 of her events Ė showing that her background as a badminton player for the Canadian national team is already putting her ahead in a game she only took up about 2 months ago.

Chris Rego picked up a Pickleball paddle and drew on his past experience on the junior tennis circuit to power through to 2 finals at the 3.5 & above Pickleball rating level, fast hands, head fakes, and lightning movement proved to be the key to his game.

Squash Professional Noah Browne, who picked up 2 finals wins at the upper level, demonstrated that he can dominate in more than one racquet sport with enviable movement, control, touch, and feel on the Pickleball court.

Three junior players reached the Pickleball Tournament finals, Jadon Spriggs, Matthew Banner, and Cooper McGuire put in amazing performances.

Ladies Singles 3.4 & Below

11 11 Sue Chiappa
09 01 Dianne McLeod-Blais

Ladies Singles 3.5 & Above

11 11 Janice Bucci
06 08 Lexi DíAngelo

Menís Singles 3.4 & Below

11 11 Ryon Outerbridge
04 08 Jadon Spriggs

Menís Singles 3.5 & Above

11 11 Noah Browne
03 08 Chris Rego

Mixed Doubles 3.4 & Below

11 08 11 Dianne McLeod-Blais/Ryon Outerbridge
09 11 07 Lydia Caletti/Tom Brown

Mixed Doubles 3.5 & Above

11 07 11 Lindsay Fisher/Chris Rego
04 11 04 Sheila Fisher/Tim Procter
Ladies Doubles 3.4 & Below

11 11 Tania Targett/Monika Burrill
08 03 Maudy Kerkhoff/Dianne McLeod-Blais

Ladies Doubles 3.5 & Above

11 11 Sheila Fisher/Lindsay Fisher
08 07 Kim Burns/Sarah Fox

Menís Doubles 3.4 & Below

11 09 11 Matthew Banner/Cooper McGuire
09 11 09 James Paterson/Tom Brown

Menís Doubles 3.5 & Above

11 11 Rob Morgan/Noah Browne
06 04 Courtland Boyle/Mark Cordeiro
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