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Monday, September 03, 2018
BTA Labor Day Home Triathlon Event

Geoff Smith
The Bermuda Triathlon Association held their Labor Day Home Event in Harrington Sound.

Geoff Smith and Laura Norman are the Male and Female champions in the Senior Division that saw competitors cover a distance of 750m Swim, 18.4k Bike and 4.7k Run.

Smith clocked a time of 1:00.09, he came out of the water in a time of 11.33, he clocked the fastest Bike time of 29.19, before clocking the third fastest Run time of 19.17.

Norman was 11th overall, she clocked a time of 1:09.57, she came out of the water in a time of 12.06, Norman then clocked 36.49 on the Bike, before closing out with a time of 21.02 on the Run Course.

Labor Day Home Triathlon 2018 Results

1.00.09 Geoff Smith

1.01.17 Nick Pilgrim
1.02.25 Alan Potts
1.02.45 Steve Smith
1.03.32 Caleb Ingham
1.04.44 Tommy Marshall
1.05.56 Teddy Schum
1.08.22 James Roberts
1.08.29 Tim Patterson
1.08.40 Chris Eaton
1.09.57 Laura Norman
1.11.05 Neil Burt
1.11.28 Sharon Hammond
1.11.46 Steve O'Reilly
1.13.27 Brian Desmond
1.14.25 Jenn Wilson
1.16.06 Caroline Wright
1.16.12 Maria Duffy
1.17.23 Erica McArthur
1.17.25 Richard Hammond
1.17.30 Niko Davis
1.18.12 Diana White
1.19.00 Jenny Lightbourne
1.19.45 Charlie Duffy
1.19.52 Christina Westholm-Schroder
1.22.58 Caroline Conway
1.27.49 Emma Davidson

Junior - 300m swim/6m bike/2k run
41.36 Amber Simons

43.20 Megan Hands
47.50 Nell Whiteman


Claire de ste Croix - n/a short swim
Joanne Madeiros - 12.02 short everything
Maiesha Shareiff - 28.17 no bike
Jessie Marshall - 20.44 team with Connor White
Zoe Hasselkuss - 8.21 long bike/ short run
Lianna Madeiros - 8.30 long bike/ short run
Jon Thompson - 20.44 team with "Spanner"
Jasmin Hasselkuss - 9.18 short bike & run
Julia Hawley - n/a no run
Martin Bolton - n/a no run
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