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Saturday, November 18, 2017
Duffy Wins Island House Triathlon in Bahamas

Bermuda’s Flora Duffy avoided a heart-stopping finish with a wire-to-wire $60,000 Island House Triathlon victory in 2:17:39 which gave her a 1:14 margin over runner-up Katie Zaferes of the U.S. ($45,000) and 3:16 over 3rd place Holly Lawrence of Great Britain ($30,000).

Duffy’s victory capped off a 3-2-1 march to the top of the Island House podium in the last three years.

Duffy, the two-time ITU Olympic distance World Triathlon Series World Champion, began her day with a 14 seconds lead on Zaferes and steadily pulled away throughout the day to add 1 minute to her eventual margin.

Lawrence began the day in 3rd place, 1:48 behind Duffy, 1:34 behind Zaferes, 3 seconds ahead of Kirsten Kasper and 31 seconds ahead of Ashleigh Gentle of Australia.

When the dust had settled, Lawrence defended her podium place – 3:16 behind Duffy, 2:02 behind Zaferes and 17 seconds ahead of Kasper, who fought off Gentle by 1 second for 4th place.

Women’s Results

2:17:39 Flora Duffy – BERMUDA

2:18:53 Katie Zaferes - (USA)
2:20:55 Holly Lawrence - (GBR)
2:21:12 Kirsten Kasper - (USA)
2:22:13 Ashleigh Gentle - (AUS)
2:22:26 Rachel Klamer - (NED)
2:23:13 Sarah True - (USA)
2:23:34 Ellie Salthouse - (AUS)
2:24:10 Andrea Hewitt - (NZL)
2:24:39 Alicia Kaye - (USA)
2:25:23 Emma Pallant - (GBR)
2:27:17 Rachel Joyce - (GBR)
2:29:20 Leanda Cave - (GBR)
2:32:02 Sarah Crowley - (AUS)
2:33:58 Lauren Goss - (USA)
Friday, November 17, 2017
Duffy Leads 2017 Island House Triathlon in Bahamas

Bermuda’s Flora Duffy at the conclusion of Day One of the Island House Triathlon holds a slim lead of 14 seconds over USA’s Katie Zaferes.

At the conclusion of Stage 1 Prologue Super Sprint Time Trial, Duffy led the way with a 24 second lead over Kirsten Kasper with Zaferes in 3rd a further 8 seconds back.

Duffy was clocked at 20:12.

Stage 2 was an Enduro race which was a 7 Leg Race —> 2km Run, 375m Swim, 10km Bike, 2km Run, 375m Swim, 10km Bike and 1km Run.

Duffy clocked a time of 58:09 which saw her finish 2nd.

She has an overall time of 1:18:21, with Zaferes clocking 1:18:35 and Holly Lawrence is third clocking 1:20:09.
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Bermuda Triathletes Compete in Miami

Becky Shepherd finished 3rd in the Female 40-44 Age Group in the Miamiman Triathlon over the International distance, as Bermuda’s contingent performed well in hot and windy conditions.

Shepherd completed the .6 mile Swim in 18:39, the 22 mile Bike course in 55:53 and the 6.6 mile Run course in 58.30 for an overall time of 2:15:57.

During the Miamiman Half Ironman which sees competitors compete on a 1.2 mile Swim, 56 mile Bike and 13.1 mile Run course.

Frances Betts finished 21st in the Female 45-49 Age Group Division clocking a time of 6:50:24, Betts clocked 40:23 on the Swim, 3:12:59 on the Bike and 2:51:59 on the Run, Jonny Betts clocked 5:24:50 finishing 15th competing in the Men’s 45-49 Age Group, Betts was clocked 34:41 after the Swim, 2:46:41 following the Bike ride and 1:59:57 on the Run course.

With a time of 6:24:17 Sarah Hicks finished 11th competing in the Female 40-44 Age Group, Hicks clocked 53:53 on the Swim, she then had a Bike course time of 3:04:27 and 2:38:53 on the Run. Alec Shepherd finished the Men’s 45-49 Age Group Division in 21st after completing the course in a time of 5:36:52. Shepherd clocked 35:20 on the Swim, 2:45:32 on the Runs and 2:11:39 on the Run.

Two Bermuda triathletes competed in the International Distance 0.6 mile Swim, 22 mile Bike, 6.6 mile Run course, Richard Hammond finished the Men’s 45-49 Age Group in 15th place, he clocked a 18:08 Swim time, 1:00:06 on the Bike course and then concluded with a 57:15 Run course time to complete the race in 2:19:27.

Becky Shepherd finished 3rd competing in the Female 40-44 Age Group with time of 2:15:57, Shepherd clocked 18:39 on the Swim, 55:53 on the Bike and 58:30 on the Run.

Gordy Benson clocked 4:07:40 during the 1.2 mile Swim, 56 mile Bike AquaBike Course, Benson finished 18th competing in the Men’s 50-54 Age Group with a time of 50:26 on the Swim and 3:14:08 on the Bike Course.
Tuesday, November 07, 2017
A Review Of Duffy's Dominance in XTERRA Championship

The 2017 XTERRA World Championship captured the beauty and mystery of Maui, the ferocity of the elements, and the dig-down-deep grit necessary to complete this incredible adventure.

While the week began with torrential rain that flooded the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and knocked out power all over the island, the day of the race was sunny with a light breeze and gentle swells. The course recovered spectacularly from the storm, but as in every XTERRA, the real hurt was unleashed by the competitors.

This year, Bradley Weiss and Flora Duffy were dealing out pain to anyone who tried to match their truly epic performances. Weiss rode the wave of a breakout swim, which allowed him to shine on the run and the bike, while Duffy put in the fastest swim, bike, and run splits for the women.

But the real story of the 2017 XTERRA World Championship lies in the personal narratives of the competitors, from 16-year old Tate Haugan to 80-year old Ron Hill. Over the upcoming weeks we will share some of the adventures of these brave XTERRA warriors who committed to the path to Maui.

Sunday, October 29, 2017
XL Catlin National Olympic Triathlon Round Up

Geoff Smith
Geoff Smith and Ashley Estwanik are the 2017 XL Catlin National Olympic Triathlon Male and Female Champions.

Smith was clocked across the line in 2:14:07, with Estwanik second in 2:14:56, Corey Brunton was third stopping the clock in 2:15:28.

Nicholas Pilgrim and Jessie Marshall are the Junior Male and Female champions, Pilgrim clocked a winning time of 32:31, with Caleb Ingham second in 33:04 and Tommy Marshall finished third clocking 33:46. Marshall was the fourth competitor to cross the line stopping the clock at 38:17, Ashley Moore was the second female finisher and fifth overall with a time of 41:43 and Amber Simons was sixth and the third female clocking 42:00.

Individual Top 10 Results

2:14:07 Geoff Smith

2:14:56 Ashley Estwanik

2:15:28 Corey Brunton

2:17:20 Steven Smith

2:18:53 Alec Shepherd

2:23:13 Jonathan Betts

2:25:41 Maritz Theron

2:28:50 Maddie Durkin

2:30:22 Stephen O'Reilly

2:32:47 Rebecca Shepherd

Junior 13-15 Year Old Age Group

32:31 Nicholas Pilgrim

33:04 Caleb Ingham

33:46 Tommy Marshall

38:17 Jessie Marshall

41:43 Ashley Moore

42:00 Amber Simons

42:52 Liana Medeiros

44:14 Megan Hands

45:58 Enshe-nico Davis

53:07 Chloe Castree

Junior 11-12 Year Old Age Group

31:52 J. Brislane

37:32 J. Moore

38:02 M. Sharrieff

50:01 N. Hands

Junior 7-10 Year Old Age Group

17:33 C. MacFarlane

17:33 R. Fleming

18:55 J. Smith

18:58 H. Fleming

19:02 M. Kitade

19:14 J. Wilson

19:14 A. Harkness

19:15 J. MacFarlane

25:55 E. Shepherd

Click Here to see the Full 2017 XL Catlin National Olympic Triathlon Results
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