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Monday, June 27, 2022
Horsfield Competes in Canada Cup

National Mountain Bike Champion Robin Horsfield persisted against adversity to finish 16th at the Canada Cup held in Whistler, BC.

The race, which is 'qualification only', featured top Canadian and US riders. The course on Blackcomb Mountain was a 4 km loop that included a 6 foot drop off, difficult descents, and over 4500' total of climbing in hot and dusty conditions. Multiple riders quit the race early due to the difficulty, with Peter Disera, pro mountain biker and former Canadian National Champion taking the win.

The field also included Michael van den Ham, Canadian Cyclocross Champion (given special permission to compete, eventually finishing 7th) and Robbie Day, who finished second at the 2021 USA National Championships, finishing 3rd.

Horsfield was crashed into after the drop on the first descent of the day, hitting the ground and bending his derailleur. This forced him 2 minutes back into the Junior World Series field, where he was again crashed in to by race leaders. "By the time Horsfield came back up the start finish area, half way into the first lap of six, he was already three minutes back," recalls Horsfield's long-time coach Mark Brown.

"While groups do not draft each other as they do in road biking it is critical to maintain contact with other riders to keep yourself riding fast and strong. Being three minutes back off the start and having to work through the junior field is an incredibly demoralizing feeling.

Frankly, many riders would quit their event at this point. Horsfield has proven, time and time again, that he is not a quitter and he showed that again today."

The impact of the slow start was seen in Horsfield's lap times, which, normally consistent, showed more than 19 minutes in the first lap, a 17 minute second lap as he worked with top junior riders, 18 minute third and fourth laps as he worked through a 'no man's land' alone, and then back to sub-seventeen and seventeen minute laps once he re-gained the men's field and passed multiple riders.

Two snapped chains at an event in Quebec in May, resulting in a forced DNF, caused Horsfield to change the look of his season. "That DNF means that I do not have the opportunity to rank in the top 20 at the Canada Cup series this year, which was a major seasonal goal. Due to flights and logistics we had already booked the western swing so I've used this race as a training race and chance to ride among North America's best again before I return to Ontario, where I am seeking to rank in the top 3 in the province" said Horsfield.

Horsfield will shift his focus to Ontario based events for the remainder of the season.

Brown adds, “Horsfield has a unique level of persistence that is seen in his continual improvement at the provincial and national level in mountain biking. There are, quite literally, hundreds of races where Horsfield could podium and win but he recognizes that continued development requires racing among those who are, as of now, stronger than him. We took this approach in the Fat Tire Massive series when he was a child - never letting him win more than once before moving him up categories until he spent over a year in the men's category working his way to the front.

This year he is certainly among the top 5 riders in Ontario, a province of 14 million people, and has proven that he can place in the top 20 in Canada. His persistence, shown acutely in this one race and over the years is what makes him a champion.

While we recognize Bermuda does not get to see him compete as often as we would all like I believe he will, if he continues this journey for another three to four years, put tiny Bermuda on the map in the sport of mountain biking - not just at a Caribbean level, but at a truly international level.

If Horsfield's sponsors could have stood with me on the mountain to see his determination they would know that their faith is well placed."
Sunday, June 26, 2022
BBA National Road Race Championships Round-Up

Once again two riders that compete in the USA and don’t get much printing press time were crowned the Male and Female CG Insurance Bermuda National Road Race Champions.
Click Here to see Pictures of BBA National Road Race Championship 2022

The Bermuda Bicycle Association hosted the CG Insurance Bermuda National Road Race Championship in the East End with Conor White and Caitlin Conyers both riding to victory.

White won the Men’s Open Division in a photo finish clocking a time of 2:28:23.345, Kaden Hopkins was second in 2:28:23.356, and Alex Pilgrim finished third with a time of 2:28:23.769.

In the Women’s Open Division Conyers clocked a time of 1:52:59.0, Ashley Couper was second clocking 1:58:03.8, and Karen Smith finished third with a time of 1:58:04.3.

The Masters Male Division was won by Steven Smith who clocked a time of 1:39:59.6, Steven Millington was second clocking 1:45:59.379, with Tracy Wright crossing the line third with a time of 1:46:02.7.

Tommy Marshall won the Junior Male Division with a time of 1:51:16.9, Jake Smith was second crossing the line in a time of 1:52:02.9, and Thomas Quarterly finished third with a time of 1:54:03.9.

The Junior Female Division was won by Charlotte Millington who was clocked at 1:29:13.2, Annabelle Miller was second in a time of 1:29:14.5, and Liana Medeiros finished third with a time of 1:38:18.6.

Male Open Division

2:28:23.345 Conor White - CS Velo

2:28:23.356 Kaden Hopkins - Equipo Essax
2:28:23.769 Alex Pilgrim - Team Gnosis
2:28:24.027 Liam Flannery - Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team
2:28:32.170 Nicholas Narraway - CS Velo
2:32:12.755 Toby Wright - V.T. Construction
2:34:19.280 Stephen Ryan - Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club
2:40:06.831 Kian Wookey - Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club
2:45:07.634 Chris Nusum - Winners Edge
DNF Nicholas Pilgrim - Team Gnosis
DNF Alexander Miller - Winners Edge
DNF Dominique Mayho - V.T. Construction
DNF Wouter Aarts - Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club
DNF Andrew Charlesworth - Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club

Open Female Division

1:52:59.091 Caitlin Conyers - Lux Cycling Development Team

1:58:03.800 Ashley Couper - V.T. Construction
1:58:04.373 Karen Smith - Winners Edge
2:06:06.482 Wenda Roberts - Bicycle Works
2:06:14.132 Jennifer Lightbourne - Bicycle Works
2:17:52.575 Elizabeth Stewart

Masters Male Division

1:39:59.683 Steven Smith - V.T. Construction
1:45:59.379 Steven Millington - V.T. Construction
1:46:02.710 Tracy Wright - Winners Edge
1:46:04.141 Clifford Roberts - Bicycle Works
1:46:09.587 Kavin Smith - Independent
1:46:10.935 Alan Mooney - Team Gnosis
1:46:24.777 Mark Hatherley - Winners Edge
1:47:09.837 Peter Tadman - Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club
1:47:11.833 Otis Ingham - Winners Edge
1:47:21.912 Jason Piney - Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club
1:48:03.005 John Thompson - Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club
1:56:04.906 Arthur Pitcher - Bicycle Works
2:07:11.180 Matthew Ringer - Winners Edge
DNF Frank Ming

Junior Male Division

1:51:16.925 Tommy Marshall - Winners Edge

1:52:02.985 Jake Smith - Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club
1:54:03.937 Thomas Quarterly - Winners Edge
1:54:07.631 Cameron Morris

Junior Female Division

1:29:13.204 Charlotte Millington - V.T. Construction

1:29:14.557 Annabelle Miller - Winners Edge
1:38:18.614 Liana Medeiros

Thursday, June 23, 2022
National Road Race Championships Announced

The Bermuda Bicycle Association (BBA) announced that CG Insurance has returned for a second year as the title sponsor for the upcoming National Road Championship Series.

"At CG, we are committed to building healthy, active lifestyles by uniting people together in sport. We believe in the importance of the BBA's vision to develop talent to represent Bermuda in cycling both locally and internationally. We're looking forward to the series of cycling events over the next few weekends." – CG Spokesperson

”Many of the Island’s top riders have returned to Bermuda to race for the Championship titles. Kaden Hopkins, Conor White, Nic Narraway, Liam Flannery and Zander Miller are all expected to raise the bar, but we cannot rule out the on-island riders” shares Deborah Titterton Narraway, BBA marketing & anti-doping representative. “Meanwhile Caitlin Conyers who is currently in Bermuda recovering from an earlier accident will challenge the likes of Nicole Mitchell and other top female cyclists to determine the 2022 Champions.”

The CG Insurance Bermuda National Championship Series began with the Individual Time Trial on June 19th at Southside with titles being claimed by White Open Male, Conyers Open Female, Elizabeth Stewart Masters Female, Steve Smith Masters Male, Tommy Marshall Junior Male, Charlotte Millington Junior Female.

Next up is the Road Race which takes place this Sunday, June 26th starting and finishing on Kindley Field Road, with racing through St. Davids to the Swizzle Inn roundabout and back. The final event for the series will be the Criterium Championships held in the City of Hamilton on July 3rd. Because of these races, rolling and hard road closures will occur in the noted area and full course details can be found on www.racedayworld.com the week prior to each race.

Due to road works the CG Insurance Bermuda National Road Race Championship start/finish has had to move from Clear Water Parking lot to Kindley Field Road. There are no hard road closures occurring during the Road Race Championships, however Police will provide rolling support for each category.

From 8 a.m. until approximately 12 p.m. on June 26th rolling closures will temporarily allow cyclists to safely pass through the course and keep traffic flowing. The BBA asks everyone to please drive with caution and to please follow the directions provided by the race marshals at intersections.
Sunday, June 19, 2022
White & Conyers Crowned National TT Champions

Two riders that compete in the USA and don’t get much printing press time were crowned the Male and Female CG Insurance Bermuda National Time Trial Champions.

The Bermuda Bicycle Association hosted the CG Insurance Bermuda National TT Championship at Clearwater with Conor White and Caitlin Conyers both riding to victory.

White won the Men’s Open Division clocking a time of 39:52.2, Kaden Hopkins was second in 40:59.2, and Liam Flannery finished third with a time of 41:50.1.

In the Women’s Open Division Conyers clocked a time of 40:26.2, with Sarah Ryan second clocking 45:57.5.

The Masters Men Division race was won by Steve Smith who was clocked in 46:42.4, Steve Millington was second when he was clocked across the line in 47:42.1, and Geoff Smith finished third with a time of 49:35.7.

Elizabeth Stewart won the Mastesr Women’s Division with a time of 49:26.9, Julia Hawley finished second with a time of 49:28.3.

The Junior Men Division was won by Tommy Marshall who clocked a time of 33:30.9, Cameron Morris was second with a time of 34:49.1, and Thomas Quarterly finished with the third fastest time of 35:08.6. Charlotte Millington won the Junior Women’s Division clocking a time of 38:04.5.

Open Men’s Division

39:52.261 Conor White

40:59.227 Kaden Hopkins
41:50.130 Liam Flannery
43:39.394 Nicholas Narraway
46:26.991 Alexander Miller
48:15.194 Toby Wright
52:15.262 Chris Nusum

Open Women’s Division

40:26.231 Caitlin Conyers

45:57.540 Sarah Ryan

Masters Men’s Division

46:42.442 Steve Smith

47:42.167 Steve Millington
49:35.783 Geoff Smith
52:56.918 Otis Ingham
53:09.994 Jonah Jones
53:17.192 Clifford Roberts
56:18.551 John Thompson
1:00:27.332 Craig Ferguson
1:01:38.505 Matthew Ringer
1:08:35.911 Rory Gorman

Masters Women’s Division

49:26.912 Elizabeth Stewart

49:28.353 Julia Hawley

Junior Men’s Division

33:30.928 Tommy Marshall

34:49.170 Cameron Morris
35:08.663 Thomas Quarterly
36:52.754 Jake Smith
43:17.168 Remy Donawa

Junior Women’s Division

38:04.540 Charlotte Millington

10 & Under Men’s

12:13.379 Walker Smith

Youth 11-12 Women’s Division

22:00.419 Kelise Wade

Youth 13-14 Men’s Division

27:27.985 Jackson Langley

31:02.643 Zach Moniz
32:13.298 Andrew Thomas

Youth 13-14 Women’s Division

34:48.390 Skye Ferguson

Thursday, June 16, 2022
White Concludes Competing in Saint Francis Tulsa Tou

Conor White concluded representing CS Velo, in the 16th running of the Saint Francis Tulsa Tou.

Competing in the Men’s Pro 1 Division McELROY River Park Criterium, White clocked a time of 1:09:01, which saw him finish 18th, he was .16 seconds behind the stage winner Luke Lamperti who clocked 1:08:45.

White said, “Day 3 was the famous Cry Baby Hill. The heat index was 115° and it felt like an oven every single lap going up the climb, the atmosphere from the crowd was insane and definitely added a few watts.”
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