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Thursday, April 30, 2020
Bermuda Golf President Releases Statement on Government Phase 1

President of the Bermuda Golf Association Craig Brown has released a statement regarding Phase One of the Bermuda Governmentís plan to end Shelter in Place.

On behalf of The Bermuda Golf Association Committee, we hope you and loved ones are in good health. We are excited to provide an update for our membership as Government permission now allows the reopening of golf courses as of ‪May 2, 2020‬, for walking only until permission is granted for the use of golf carts.

Following the April 24 Government Press release indicating consideration for progressively relaxing conditions of the Shelter in Place, representatives from The Bermuda Golf Association (BGA) and The Bermuda Professional Golfers' Association (BPGA) came together and formulated a joint communique to the Government. Our communique followed a research and consultation process with all the local golf course operators. During the process, we found all courses had implemented aspects of social distancing, yet we found some inconsistencies.†

As citizens first and foremost, our present and future is a matter of public health. As we look forward, golf,†is well-positioned as businesses are progressively phased in during this crisis.† As a sport golf is unique, given its outdoor nature and conduciveness to social distancing, its broad appeal to participants of all ages, its wealth of physical and mental benefits, with venues that serve as community assets and amenities, golf now has an incredible opportunity to be a community leader.†

Therefore, in the spirit of togetherness and understanding the BGA and the BPGA felt the provision of joint guidelines may offer clarity, assistance and protection as we all navigate a way forward.

Given the fluid nature of the current crisis, these guidelines cannot be all encompassing, they serve as a framework from which we can return to playing the game, safe in the knowledge we are doing our part to protect our community.† As we learn more facts related to Covid-19, as the National Sports Governing Body for golf, The BGA will remain agile as the island and the globe adapts to battle the virus.

While we realise each course operator maintains their own autonomy to operate respecting the Government public health guidelines, collectively we must all do our part to ensure we are compliant. We can set a responsible example for other sports and activities, done right, we can showcase golf as an industry that can weather this pandemic. As our island community seeks safe outlets during these challenging times, we may also view this as a growth opportunity, and welcome new players and families to our great game.†

Lastly, we must thank the leadership of the Bermuda Professional Golfers' Association, management at all of the island's golf courses, and the trust placed in the golf community by The Government of Bermuda. It has truly been a team effort by all stakeholders that has led to golf courses reopening for play in phase one.

Our return to the greatest game ever played will no doubt stir excitement. In this excitement let us not be complacent, yet continue to work together, respectfully and with good spirit to keep us all safe.†
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