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Friday, December 03, 2021
Augustus Wins Moonlight Tour Round in Florida

Daniel Augustus picked up yet another win on the Moonlight Golf Tour in Florida.

Playing at the Black Bear Golf Club, Augustus carded a 6-under par 66 to win by one shot over Joey Stills, with Paul Wackerly another shot back to round out the top three.

Thursday, December 02, 2021
Port Royal Head of Golf & Superintendent Announced

Steven Lambert Jr.
The Bermuda Government Consolidated Board of Trustees announced the appointments of Steven Lambert Jr. as Head Golf Professional at the Port Royal Golf Course and Jayson Jackson as the Head Golf Course Superintendent of Bermuda Government Golf Courses.

A spokesperson said, “These two key senior management level appointments are with immediate effect, which form part of the Trustees management reorganization initiative that followed an extensive evaluation.

“Steven Lambert Jr will become the Head Golf Professional at Port Royal Golf Course, a post that has been vacant for many years. Lambert is a graduate of The Professional Golfers Career College with an associate’s degree in golf management, who has previously served as Assistant Manager at Port Royal Golf Course.

“To his credit, he has been Acting Manager for 15 months and overseen two PGA Tour Bermuda Championships in that capacity, prior to the restructuring. His role as Golf Professional will be responsible for all golf-related operations including Pro Shop, driving range, all golf outside services Ranger, starter, bag storage, etc., and teaching.

“Jayson Jackson assumes the role of Golf Course Superintendent for Bermuda Government Golf Courses and will oversee 27 holes at both Port Royal and Ocean View Golf Courses. Jackson recently served as Consultant Superintendent for Port Royal during the PGA Tour Bermuda Championship where his efforts were highly praised by PGA Tour agronomist.

“Jackson holds an associate’s degree in turf management from University of Guelph and has served as Assistant Golf Course Superintendent at some outstanding facilities – Card Sound in Florida, the famous Royal Hong Kong Golf Club, Port Royal Golf Course and the historic Mid Ocean Club.”

Kim Swan, Chairman of the Bermuda Government Consolidated Board of Trustees, said, “We are very excited to share the appointment of these two young Bermudian men who are passionate about their trade and love the game of golf. These two posts comprise a significant part of our restructured management team – a work in progress – where both post holders will work as team leaders of their respective departments and report directly to the Trustees.

“We look forward with great optimism affording both gentlemen the opportunity to focus their attention to plying their trade as a Golf Professional and Golf Course Superintendent at one of the best public golf courses in the world that plays host to the PGA Tour.”
Sunday, November 28, 2021
BGA Thanksgiving Challenge on the Hill 2021

The Bermuda Golf Association hosted the Thanksgiving Challenge on the Hill at Turtle Hill Golf Course.

This was a 36-hole individual stroke play event played on the same day.

Gary Burnet claimed the Men’s title with a total 4-over par round score of 112, while Katrin Burnie defended the Ladies title with a score of 123.

The net winners were Steve Hickmott with a 104 and Cindy Ratzlaff 109.

Men's Flight Gross Leaderboard

112 Gary Burnet

113 Craig Christensen
114 Jarryd Dillas
115 Cornell Bean
115 Hav Trott
115 Christopher Phillips
119 Oliver Betschart
119 Richard Marriott
120 Harry Thompson
120 Steve Hickmott
122 Calvin Hendrickson
124 James Godwin
125 Walter Jackson
131 Jeremiah Murphy
131 Jose Gerardo
133 Roger Brangman
134 Jerome Bradshaw
137 Gary Venning
139 Kevin Swan
139 Christopher Morris
139 Rodney Higgins
149 Ed Frey
155 Robert Lee
157 Alpheus Santucci
205 Sandro Cavaliere

Ladies Flight Gross Leaderboard

123 Katrin Burnie

124 Tracy Burgess
124 Ann Symonds
125 Linda Down
131 Cindy Ratzlaff
132 Elizabeth Carpio
134 Tracy Nash
148 Shirley Higgins
161 Sarah Murphy-Christopher
163 Elizabeth Hickmott
166 Angela Cook
174 Sienna Mosquera
Sunday, November 21, 2021
Johnnie Walker Classic 2021 Day Two

Amateur Jarryd Dillas was crowned as the 2021 Johnnie Walker Classic Champion after shooting a 4-under par 66 for a total of 140 in the 36-hole event at the Ocean View Golf Course.
Click Here to see Pictures of Johnnie Walker Classic 2021 Day Two

Conditions today were more favorable, with only the occasional hint of rain and a steady breeze out of North-East enabling players to shoot some impressive scores.

Despite shooting the low round of the day with a 5-under par, Nick Jones had to settle for a second-place finish with a one-over-par for the tournament, in a tie with Camiko Smith.

In the Senior Division, Allan Bradshaw put on an impressive performance with a one-over-par 71 in today’s round to claim the Senior Division title with a total score of 152.

The Johnnie Walker Classic has certainly regained its stature on the golfing calendar, thanks to the inspiration of Brian Morris, the Head Pro at Ocean View Golf Course.

Johnnie Walker Classic - Overall Leaderboard

(p) = Professional

Even Jarryd Dillas

+01 Nick Jones (p)
+01 Camiko Smith (p)
+03 Christopher Smith (p)
+07 Chaka DeSilva (p)
+09 Scott Roy (p)
+10 Kim Swan (p)
+12 Allan Bradshaw
+12 Brian Morris Sr (p)
+13 Aaron James
+15 Mark Ray
+15 OJ Pitcher (p)
+15 Rajesh Pachai
+15 Jason Darrell
+15 Damian Palanyandi
+16 Calvin Hendrickson
+16 LeRoy Robinson
+16 Mark Phillips (p)
+17 Mark Crawford
+17 Delyone Borden (p)
+17 Christopher Phillips
+18 Craig Christensen
+19 George O'Brien
+19 Andrew Trott-Francis (p)
+20 Larry Brangman
+23 Gary Brangman
+24 Twilton Smith (p)
+24 Kennedy Nanette
+25 Marcelos Thomas
+26 James Perry
+26 Roger Brangman
+26 Kheary Swan
+28 Kavon Trott
+31 Kyle Lightbourne
+31 Darrin Lewis
+32 Samuel Robinson
+34 Cleeve Trott
+35 Donovan Livingston
+36 Damon Rabain
+26 Rahji Edness
+36 Steven Almeida
+37 Steven Lambert Jr (p)
+37 Diallo Sharrieff
+37 Garry Burgess
+38 Calvin Dill Sr
+39 Phil Talbot
+39 Greg Steede
+39 Walter Jackson
+39 Swaine Eve (p)
+41 Diego McCallan
+43 Wayne Greaves
+43 Gregory Rose
+43 Eugene Smith
+46 Derek Lambert
+47 Graham Benjamin
+51 William Usher
+51 Kim Pitt
+52 Kenneth Ford
+55 David Patterson
+57 Brian Morris Jr
+66 Ernest Paynter
+85 Anthony Hunter
+86 Aldo Campbell
+98 Stuart Randles
+108 Sandro Cavaliere

Saturday, November 20, 2021
Johnnie Walker Classic 2021 Day One

LeRoy Robinson
The 69 participants in the Johnnie Walker Classic endured some challenging conditions for their 1st Round at Ocean View Golf Course. With strong gusty winds and frequent rain squalls, the 1st and 10th holes played particularly difficult.
Click Here to see Pictures of Johnnie Walker Classic 2021 Day One

However, despite the conditions, some players were able to shoot low scores with Camiko Smith leading the Professional Field with a 1-over par 71. He is followed by two fellow Professionals, Kim Swan and Delyone Borden and amateur Jarryd Dillas, all of whom shot a 4-over par 74.

In the Senior Division, after a lengthy lay-off following a motor accident, Larry Brangman showed he has regained his form with an 8-over par 78 to tie Calvin Hendrickson.

With similar wind conditions forecast tomorrow, but hopefully without the rain it promises to be an exciting conclusion for the Johnnie Walker Classic.

Johnnie Walker Classic - Overall Leaderboard

(p) = Professional

+01 Camiko Smith (p)

+04 Kim Swan (p)
+04 Jarryd Dillas
+04 Delyone Borden (p)
+05 Christopher Smith (p)
+05 Chaka DeSilva (p)
+06 Scott Roy (p)
+06 Brian Morris Sr (p)
+06 Nick Jones (p)
+06 Mark Ray
+06 Rajesh Pachai
+07 OJ Pitcher (p)
+08 Jason Darrell
+08 Larry Brangman
+08 Calvin Hendrickson
+08 LeRoy Robinson
+08 Kheary Swan
+10 Christopher Phillips
+10 Aaron James
+10 James Perry
+11 Marcelos Thomas
+11 Damian Palanyandi
+11 George O'Brien
+11 Mark Phillips (p)
+11 Craig Christensen
+11 Garry Burgess
+11 Allan Bradshaw
+11 Mark Crawford
+13 Gary Brangman
+13 Kennedy Nanette
+14 Darrin Lewis
+15 Rahji Edness
+15 Kavon Trott
+15 Twilton Smith (p)
+16 Kyle Lightbourne
+16 Donovan Livingston
+16 Swaine Eve (p)
+16 Andrew Trott-Francis (p)
+16 Steven Almeida
+17 Diego McCallan
+17 Samuel Robinson
+18 Roger Brangman
+19 Calvin Dill Sr
+20 Walter Jackson
+20 Kim Pitt
+21 Mackih McGowan
+22 Damon Rabain
+23 Greg Steede
+23 Diallo Sharrieff
+23 Phil Talbot
+23 Derek Lambert
+24 Steven Lambert Jr (p)
+24 Gregory Rose
+24 Eugene Smith
+24 Wayne Greaves
+25 William Usher
+26 Kenneth Ford
+27 Michael Tucker
+29 Graham Benjamin
+32 David Patterson
+35 Ernest Paynter
+36 Aldo Campbell
+37 Brian Morris Jr
+41 Stuart Randles
+44 Anthony Hunter
+56 Sandro Cavaliere

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