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Sunday, February 26, 2023
Bermuda Harness Pony Champions of Champions

War Machine & Philip Correia
The Bermuda Harness Pony Racing season came to an end at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street, with Special Gold and Kiwon Waldron coming within striking distance of the Track Record.

Competing in the Champions of Champions race Special Gold and Waldron clocked a time of 1:01&3 with the Track Record set by the same horse and Kirista Rabain earlier this year clocking 1:01&2.

Overall War Machine and Philip Correia clocked a combined time of 4:10&2, with a combined time of 4:11&0 Special Gold and Kiwon Waldron finished second, and Double Time and Candyce Martins finished third with a time of 4:12&2.

Champions of Champions Dash 3A

1:02&3 War Machine & Philip Correia

1:02&3 Special Gold & Kiwon Waldron
1:05&3 Gold N Glory & Candyce Martins

Champions of Champions Dash 3B

1:02&1 Simsfield Hardtimes & Kirista Rabain

1:03&0 Rockeyed Optimist & Maurice Raynor
1:03&1 Double Time & Candyce Martins

Champions of Champions Dash 4A

1:01&3 Special Gold & Kiwon Waldron

1:02&0 War Machine & Philip Correia
1:04&4 Gold N Glory & Candyce Martins

Champions of Champions Dash 4B

1:02&4 Double Time & Candyce Martins

1:03&0 Rockeyed Optimist & Maurice Raynor
1:03&2 Simsfield Hardtimes & Kirista Rabain

1:05&4 –1:07&4 Combined Time Bar Class

4:27&3 Reign of Terror & Catrina Stephens

4:27&4 SomeGold SomeWhere & Teshi Zuill
4:25&0 A Touch of Red & Kiwon Waldron
4:30&2 Special Tux & Darico Clarke

1:08&0 & Slower Time Bar Combined Class

4:37&1 Reel Desire & Candyce Martins

4:59&2 Midnight Express & Jashun Young

1:03&1 – 1:04&2 Time Bar Combined Class

4:16&3 ItsAllAboutMe & Darico Clarke

1:04&3 – 1:05&3 Time Bar Combined Class

4:23&2 Shady Maple & Catrina Stephens

4:24&0 Inwoods Progress & Kamali Tucker
4:25&0 Inwoods Realist & Tahzii Flood
4:27&1 IC’s Over Extended & Jashaun Young

Champions of Champions Dash Combined

4:10&2 War Machine & Philip Correia

4:11&0 Special Gold & Kiwon Waldron
4:12&2 Double Time & Candyce Martins
4:13&0 Rockeyed Optimist & Maurice Raynor
4:13&4 Simsfield Hardtimes & Kirista Rabain
4:19&2 Gold N Glory & Candyce Martins

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