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Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Martins Reflects on World Record & Racing

Earlier this week, www.islandstats.com reported Candyce Martins was in the bike of MI's Where's The Party setting a NEW Mare World Record of 1:01 Flat racing at the Nappanee Raceway in Indiana.

Martins told www.islandstats.com, “The Mare that I am racing is a 5-year-old, owned by Bermudians Eddie and Suzie Roque.

It was a very exciting race and the mare felt really good.

A few days before she tied the Mare record in a 1:01&1 and then she ran in a new mare world record of 1:01 Flat.”

Martins responded to the question about the transition of racing in Indiana, compared to racing at Vesey Street, “The transition has been fairly easy, it is very similar to racing in Bermuda except you can race against up to 8 ponies instead of just 4.”

“The first time in a field of 8 was definitely different, but it is similar just with a few extra ponies,” said Martins reflecting on the eight-horse start line.

Martins was also asked about training, “Training is also the same, as in Bermuda, every pony gets worked everyday. Races happened most Weekends, the only thing that is different is that they only do 1 heat per night per pony and at home, we do 2 heats per night per pony and only race one day.”

Martins concluded when asked about the immediate future saying, “I am out here racing a few ponies until the end of September.

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