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Monday, March 14, 2022
Day Two BHPA Spring Show Round-Up

Dale Rochester Won 3'0 Class
Day Two of the BHPA Spring Show took place at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street.

In the Open Hunter Derby 3'6 Class, Michael Rodrigues riding Rambo picked up the win, with Vicki Steele and All in One finishing in second, and Isabelle Pelletier riding Kaid HZ finished in 3rd.

Dale Rochester riding Good as Gold won the Open Hunter Derby 3'0 Class.

The Open Hunter Derby 2'6 Class was won by Kamali Tucker riding Wunder Woman, Lily Butler riding Snowmobile finished second, and Simone Sainsbury riding Face Off finished in third.

Open Hunter Derby 3'6

1st Rambo - Michael Rodrigues

2nd All in One - Vicki Steele
3rd Kaid HZ - Isabelle Pelletier

Open Hunter Derby 3'6 Hack

1st Rambo - Michael Rodrigues

2nd Kaid HZ - Isabelle Pelletier
3rd All in One - Vicki Steele

Open Hunter Derby 3'0

1st Good as Gold - Dale Rochester

Open Hunter Derby 2'6

1st Wunder Woman - Kamali Tucker

2nd Snowmobile - Lily Butler
3rd Face Off - Simone Sainsbury
4th Roseland - Scarlett Smale

Open Hunter Derby 2'6 Hack

1st Roseland - Scarlett Smale

2nd Wunder Woman - Kamali Tucker
3rd Desert Storm - Isla Curtis
4th Snowmobile - Lily Butler
5th Ladybug - Alejandra Tafur

Open Hunter Derby 2'0

1st Storm Watch - Logan Flood

2nd Tuck Everlasting - Erin Wheatley
3rd Mr. Wizard - Paige Lindo
4th Spot the Dot - Sophie Greenway
5th Boom Boom Pow - Evie Phelan
6th Ladybug - Lila Readdy

Open Hunter Derby 2'0 Hack

1st Tuck Everlasting - Erin Wheatley

2nd Storm Watch - Logan Flood
3rd Ladybug - Lila Readdy
4th Spot the Dot - Sophie Greenway
5th Mr. Wizard - Paige Lindo
6th Boom Boom Pow - Evie Phelan
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