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Saturday, May 19, 2018
Minors Iím Very Proud to Represent Bermuda

It was yesterday that the Bermuda Equestrian Federation announced that Equestrian show jumper Ki-Juan Minors and the thoroughbred gelding, Just Ask Eric, will represent Bermuda at the upcoming 2018 Central American & Caribbean Games (CAC Games).

www.islandstats.com asked Minors a few questions as he prepares for his first CAC Games.

Q. As the person selected to represent Bermuda how does that make you feel?

When I found out I was selected it was a great relief to be honest. When you work really hard for something and you get the answer you have always wanted you can finally breathe again. Iím very proud to represent Bermuda, which is the only reason I left my career, family and friends many years ago. So now that it has happened it was all worth it.

Q. What expectations do you have for yourself?

Iím pretty cool when it comes to competitions, my main concern is to complete the task, clean, with rounds each day! My plans are to have a great experience in Columbia and maintain at a level which keeps me relevant in this industry. That will secure my future as a representing athlete from Bermuda.

Q. How difficult is it to compete at this level? How do you balance your music and competing.

To compete at this level is extremely difficult, mainly because you are dealing with TWO athletes. Horse and Rider, and the main factor....finances....itís a very expensive sport and you have to be smart to maintain at a certain level. It takes talent, skill, horsepower, a great team, luck and money! (Lots of it)

Q. How much will change preparing for the games?

Train, compete with horses during the day and perform, rehearsal at night on the mic. Everything will change now for the Games. Mainly I need to get my horse fit as this competition is very stressful for an animal. Flying, change of altitude etc. So all of that needs preparation which my team and I have a plan for. Iím very fortunate to have made great connections living in the US, who are willing to help me along this process.
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