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Saturday, December 08, 2018
Digicel Junior & Merle Parfitt Tournament Round Up

Digicel Under 12 Division

Phoenix Sparks 13 North Village Lady Rams White 13

The opening goal in this League match saw the Phoenix Sparks and the North Village Lady Rams White end 13 – 13. The Phoenix Sparks got 5 goals from Jahniya Francis and Khylie Smith 5, while Skye Charles scored twice and Sanaa Grant scored once, Uni Simmons was named the MVP. The North Village Lady Rams White got 8 goals from Kari Virgil, while Aniyah Swan scored a hat-trick and Arleigh Rodney scored twice, Jazayla Brimmer was named the teams MVP.

North Village Lady Rams Red 10 Storm 7

The North Village Lady Rams Red defeated the Storm 10 – 7, the North Village Lady Rams would get 6 goals from Sioma Rudo, while Jazya Brimmer-Peets added 4 goals, Jayla Peets was the teams MVP, the Storm got 4 goals from Nevaeh Barclay, while Malaysia Furbert, Jayunae Bailey and Eliyah Seon all added a goal each, with Amari Burgess named the teams MVP.

Digicel Under 16 League

Storm Lightning 43 Warriors 5

The Storm Lightning defeated the Warriors 43 – 5, the Storm Lightening were led to victory by Amaiah Butterfield who scored 34 goals, MVP Kemiyah Butterfield added 5 goals and Elishae Smith scored 4 times, Warriors MVP Kammie Mills scored 4 goals and Arianna Sabir scored once.

North Village Lady Rams Red 35 North Village Lady Rams White 12

The Red team won the battle of the North Village Lady Rams 35 – 12 over the White team. Rachelle Webster scored 18 goals for the North Village Lady Rams Red, while Coriah Simmons added 17 goals, the Red MVP was Diauri Richardson. North Village Lady Rams White got 6 goals each from Sanaa Berkeley and Gabrielle Romaine, while the White team MVP was Sarai Packwood.

Phoenix Fire 18 Storm Thunder 12

The Phoenix Fire defeated the Storm Thunder 18 – 12, Phoenix Fire MVP K'xiyae Gibbons led the team to victory with 11 goals, Salayah Stange added 6 goals and Nisaiah Berkeley scored once, while Amayah Burt and MVP Makaylie Smith both scored 6 goals each for the Storm Thunder.

Merle Parfitt Senior League Double Elimination Tournament

Unfortunately the Final has had to be rescheduled due to rain once again, the Bermuda Netball Association’s League Season has been hampered by rain for at least four weekends already this season.

Double Elimination Results

North Village Lady Rams 7 Storm Lightning 10
Phoenix Heat 14 Robin Hood 3
Lindos Tigers 11 Storm Lightning 9
Storm thunder 5 Phoenix Heat 9
Storm Lightning 11 Robin Hood 4
North Village Lady Rams 10 Storm Thunder 8
Phoenix Heat 9 Lindos Tigers 4
North Village Lady Rams 14 Storm Lightning 3
Lindos Tigers 12 North Village Lady Rams 8
Lindos Tigers 12 Phoenix Heat 11
Wednesday, December 05, 2018
BSSF Primary School Netball Round Up

Northlands Primary School defeated West Pembroke 6-3 to win the Bermuda School Sports Federation’s Primary School Netball Knockout Tournament at the Bernard Park.

Northlands were on the wrong side of the coin against West Pembroke for the last two years but found redemption without losing a match.

Naveah Barclay and Sanaa Grant each scored three goals to lead Northlands past their neighbors. Khamil Burchall scored twice for the runners-up while Samori Stevens added the other.

Northlands defeated Harrington Sound Primary School in their Semi-Final 5-1 with Grant scoring three goals and Barclay twice, while Jaya Dillas scored the lone goal for Harrington Sound.

West Pembroke had a tougher route to the final after edging Bermuda High School 4 -3. Sioma Rudo led West Pembroke with three goals while Stevens added the fourth. BHS got single goals from Ava Pedro, Robin Sellay and Georgia Bellante


10 BHS
02 Victor Scott

07 Harrington Sound

00 Somersfield Academy

05 Warwick Academy
02 Paget Primary

04 BHS
01 Dalton E. Tucker

10 Warwick Academy
01 Prospect Primary

01 Dalton E. Tucker
01 Victor Scott

03 Paget Primary
00 Prospect Primary

10 Northlands
00 Francis Patton

05 Somerset Primary
01 Gilbert Institute

02 West Pembroke
00 Purvis Primary

06 Northlands
00 West End

05 Saltus
04 Somerset Primary

05 West End
01 Francis Patton

04 Saltus
00 Gilbert Institute

10 Somerset Primary
00 Dalton E Tucker

02 BHS
01 Somersfield Academy

11 Northlands
00 Purvis

02 West End
01 Paget Primary

04 Harrington Sound
01 Somerset Primary

03 BHS
00 Saltus

07 Northlands
00 Warwick Academy

04 West Pembroke
00 West End

05 Northlands
01 Harrington Sound

04 West Pembroke
03 BHS

06 Northlands
03 West Pembroke

Monday, December 03, 2018
BHS Win BSSF Middle School Netball Tournament

Champions BHS
The Bermuda High School defended their Bermuda School Sports Federations Middle School Netball title with a 9-7 win over Dellwood Middle School.

Christine Dekock led BHS with five goals while Sami Dunn added four. Dellwood’s scoring was spread out between three players with Kisaye Bell scoring three goals with K’Xiyae Gibbons and Amayah Burt added two each.

BHS defeated Warwick Academy in their Semi-Finals 8 - 4 with Dunn and DeKock scoring four goals each. Dellwood got past Sandy’s Secondary Middle School 5 - 1 in the other Semi-Final. Makaylie Smith scored three goals for Dellwood along with Burt with two. Gihle Daily scored the lone goal for Sandy’s.



08 Dellwood Middle School
03 Saltus Grammar

04 Somersfield Academy
03 Saltus Grammar

13 Dellwood Middle School
01 T.N. Tatem Middle School

05 Saltus Grammar
03 T.N. Tatem Middle School

12 Dellwood Middle School
03 Somersfield Academy

04 T.N. Tatem Middle School
02 Somersfield Academy


06 BHS
04 Warwick Academy

02 Warwick Academy
02 Sandy’s Secondary Middle School

09 Warwick Academy
00 Clearwater Middle School

09 BHS
08 Warwick Academy

16 BHS
00 Clearwater Middle School

8 Sandy’s Secondary Middle School
0 Clearwater Middle School

Saturday, December 01, 2018
Digicel Junior & Senior League Netball Round Up

The Under 16 Harold "Doc" Dowling Tournament came to an end at Bernard’s Park as the Bermuda Netball Association’s Digicel Junior and Senior League Season resumed.

Storm Lightning were crowned the Under 16 Harold “Doc” Dowling Champions. Storm Lightning was successful in going undefeated in the tournament coached by Gina Benjamin.

Under 16 Harold “Doc” Dowling Day Two Results

North Village Lady Rams Red 14 North Village Lady Rams White 5
Phoenix Fire 7 North Village Lady Rams White 7
Storm Thunder 3 Warriors 2
Phoenix Fire 6 Storm Thunder 0
Storm Lightning 22 Warriors 0

Under 16 Harold “Doc” Dowling Final Standings

15 Storm Lightning
12 North Village Lady Rams Red
07 Phoenix Fire
04 North Village Lady Rams White
03 Warriors
03 Storm Thunder

Digicel Junior Under 12 Division

The opening match ended deadlocked with the Storm and the North Village Lady Rams White ending 8 – 8, the Storm got 4 goals from Nevaeh Barclay, while Jayunae Bailey scored 3 goals and Malaysia Furbert scored once. The North Village Lady Rams Whites got 4 goals from Kari Virgil, both Carleigh Rodney and Ra'eesah Robinson scored 2 goals each.

Fabiola Edwards-Adams was named the Storm MVP, while the North Village Lady Rams whites MVP was Tanah Edwards.

Dicicel Junior Under 16 League

The Storm Thunder edged the North Village Lady Rams White 21 – 19, MVP Amayah Burt would lead the Storm Thunder to victory with 11 goals, Jaelyn Rewan added 6 goals, while Jamir Hatherley and Ziae Castle both added two goals each. Sanaa Berkeley scored 13 goals for the North Village Lady Rams, while MVP Gabby Romaine added 6 goals.

The Phoenix Fire defeated the Warriors 16 – 10, Phoenix Fire were led by Keenai Hayward with 5 goals, Kayah Martin added 4 goals, while MVP Nisaiah Berkeley and Salayah Stange both scored 3 goals each and Kacey Mcgowan scored once, while the Warriors got 5 goals apiece from Arianna Sabir and Kammie Mills, with Shayla Green named MVP.

A’maiah Butterfield would score 18 goals leading the Storm lightning to a 30 – 14 win over the North Village Lady Rams Red. Kemiyah Butterfield would add 8 goals, with Asrael Basden ajnd G'zai Dyer adding 2 goals each, Khiana Cann was named their MVP. The North Village Lady Rams Red got 9 goals from Coriah Simmons, while MVP Rae'chelle Webster added 5 goals.

Senior League

Half way through the second quarter of the senior games the rain came down and the matches were called off.
Friday, November 30, 2018
Phoenix Netball Club Takeover

On Monday November 26th Phoenix Netball Club started taking over the Bermuda Netball Association’s social media accounts. The initiative called “Team Takeover” put on by the BNA, allows each club team one week to take over the BNA’s social media platform to promote netball, gain more followers, and increase engagement, while also providing fun competition amongst the netball teams to see who gains the most likes during their takeover week. The team that wins gets a prize!

This week ending Sunday it’s Phoenix Netball Club’s turn, and their hashtag #PhoenixTakeover and posts have been buzzing all over the internet.

Phoenix Netball Club have been keeping very busy during their week with a variety of netball news, trivia and challenges being posted. They hosted a “Finish the Bars” singing challenge in and throughout the City of Hamilton, and up to a recent invaded and took over a football team’s training session to teach them a thing or two about netball.

On Wednesday morning, Phoenix posted a warning and notice to all football clubs tagging them in a post, along with the BFA, that as part of their #PhoenixTakeover they will be invading and taking over a football teams training session by the week’s end. The post received a lot of attention and people of the community started voting for teams they wanted Phoenix to invade. Live video calls to a few football players on Instagram also took place as Phoenix warned them personally to be ready and asked them a couple of questions about netball for good fun. The national coach of the Bermuda football team, Kyle Lightbourne was amongst one of the chosen and during the interview was asked who his starting 7 players would be in Netball from Goal Keeper to Goal Shooter. Kyle having played in the BNA’s first annual Celebrity Netball Exhibition Match was able to give some thoughtful consideration on a solid strong team. After the live calls Phoenix showed up to the Southampton Rangers Community club blowing their whistles with bags of equipment and took complete control over their training session.

Phoenix said “The session plan was to firstly have lots of fun but also show the guys some drills and games played in Netball that can be applied and adopted for Football”. Phoenix saw the Takeover as a prime opportunity to promote how cross training can be of benefit between various sports on the island, including netball.

Post-training interviews with some of the football players revealed the session was a success and left the players with more appreciation for both the technical and physical aspects of netball.

Phoenix Netball Club encourages the community to check out what they have been up to, and what they have planned for the weekend by following @bdanetball and @phoenixnetballclubbda on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribing to Bermuda Netball on YouTube. #PhoenixTakeover ends this Sunday. Go follow them so you don’t miss out on the all the action.

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