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Saturday, March 25, 2017
BNA Host Double Elimination Tournament

With the 2016-17 Bermuda Netball Association (BNA) Winter League coming close to an end, they hosted their Double Elimination Tournament at the Bernard Park.

The Phoenix Heat will go into next weekends Final Round undefeated, they picked up a 30 - 10 win over the North Village Lady Rams and a 20 - 15 win over the Storm. The North Village Lady Rams played three games on the day ending with a record of 2 wins and 1 defeat.

Day One Double Elimination Tournament

North Village Lady Rams 27 Phoenix Flames 7

Storm 13 Phoenix Blazzin 12

Phoenix Heat 30 North Village Lady Rams 10

North Village Lady Rams 19 Phoenix Blazzin 13

Phoenix Heat 20 Storm 15

Monday, March 20, 2017
Bermuda Netball Association League Standings

The Winter Netball League is very close to an end. There are two more league games to be played for the Under 12 League, April 1st the Under 16 League will end with a Mix Up Switch Up Tournament and the Seniors will end with a knockOut Tournament on March 25th and April 1st.

Under 16 League

21 Storm Lightening
21 North Village Lady Rams

10 North Village Lady Rams Too
04 Storm Thunder
03 Phoenix Juniors

Top Goal Scorers

99 - Kaamilah Nasir- Storm Lightening

93 - Samiyah Ming- North Village Lady Rams
50 - Gabrielle Romaine- North Village Lady Rams

Senior Winter League

27 Phoenix Heat

24 Robin Hood
18 Storm
12 North Village Lady Rams
03 Phoenix Flames
00 Phoenix Blazzin

Top Goal Scorers

324 - Danielle Raynor- Phoenix Heat

189 - Jahtuere Trott- North Village Lady Rams
162 - Talia Lucas- Robin Hood
Saturday, March 18, 2017
BNA Youth & Senior Netball Round Up

Under 12 Who's Who Tournament

The Under 12 Who’s Who Tournament sees players pick out of a hat to see what position they will play for each game. The Phoenix Flames managed to emerge victorious with 12 points, with the North Village Lady Rams finishing second with 7 points.

Under 12 Who's Who Tournament Standings

12 Phoenix Flames

07 North Village Lady Rams
04 Storm
04 Warriors
00 Phoenix Sparks


Phoenix Flames 9 Phoenix Sparks 0
North Village Lady Rams 9 Warriors 4
Storm 4 North Village Lady Rams 4
Warriors 1 Phoenix Flames 9
Phoenix Sparks 3 Storm 8
Phoenix Flames 6 North Village Lady Rams 3
Storm 6 Warriors 7
Phoenix Flames 9 Storm 2
North Village Lady Rams 11 Phoenix Sparks 1

Under 16 Division

The North Village Lady Rams Too defeated the Phoenix Flames 16 - 5, the North Village Lady Rams were led by Rae'elle Webster who scored 10 goals and Gabrielle Romaine added 6 goals. Tamera Simons scored 4 goals for the Phoenix Flames with Nisiah Berkeley adding the other goal.

The Storm Lightening defeated the Storm Thunder 37 - 6. Kaamila Nasir scored 20 goals for the Storm Lightening, with Selah Tuzo scored adding 14 goals and Kaylee Lema added 3 goals. Kisaye Bell scored 3 goals for the Storm Thunder, with Jade Johnston adding 2 goals and Sarai Butterfield added the other goal.

Senior Games

Robin Hood got 36 goals from Talia Lucas as they defeated the Phoenix Blazzin 56 - 19, Katie Brown added the other 20 goals for Robin Hood. Kandrea Romaine scored 11 goals for the Phoenix Blazzin, with Demiqua Daniels adding 5 goals and Takeesha Welch added 3 goals.

The Phoenix Heat defeated the Storm 56 - 36, Danielle Raynor led the Phoenix Heat to victory with 41 goals, Arkeita Fubler added 9 goals and Ebonie Burgess scored 6 goals, Zekiah Lewis scored 20 goals for the Storm, who also got 16 goals from Nabiilah Nasir.

The North Village Lady Rams defeated the Phoenix Flames 44 - 28, the North Village Lady Rams got 27 goals from Jahtuere Trott and 17 goals from Jordyn Morris. Cheyanne McCallan scored 16 goals for the Phoenix Flames, with Shondae Woods Bell adding 12 goals.

Friday, March 17, 2017
Netball Team Preparing for Europe Open

The Bermuda Netball Association have assembled a team to compete in the upcoming Netball Europe Open which will take place from May 11th to 14th.

The Bermuda Netball Association’s bid to have the island’s team compete at next year’s Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Australia has received a welcome boost, as the association received a $30,000 grant from the Bermuda Olympic Association via an application that was made on behalf of Netball under the Commonwealth Games Federation Developmental Programme 2015-2018.

The funds are specifically earmarked for Bermuda’s Commonwealth Games qualification bid and can only be used for training and regional competitions that target the qualifying process.

In order to qualify for next year’s Commonwealth Games, a multi-sport event, Bermuda must be ranked among the top 14 countries in the world by July and have played in at least eight international fixtures.

The Bermuda Netball Association are hoping to fulfill that quota of matches at the Netball Europe Open in Aberdeen, Scotland, in May.

Saturday, March 11, 2017
BNA Youth & Senior League Round Up

The Bermuda Netball Association’s Youth League Season resumed at Bernard’s Park.

Under 12 Division

The Storm edged the Warriors 19 – 17, the Storm were led by Alexia Pascall with 15 goals, while Kisaye Bell added 4 goals, Kemiyah Butterfield scored 13 goals for the Warriors, with Kammie Mills adding 4 goals.

Nisiah Berkeley scored 14 goals to lead the Phoenix Flames to a 22 – 12 win over the North Village Lady Rams. Azari Easton added 5 goals for the Phoenix Flames who also got 3 goals from Kxiyae Gibbons. Ashley Horseman scored 10 goals for the North Village Lady Rams, with Brianna Benevides scoring the other 2 goals.

Under 16 Division

Storm Lightening defeated the North Village Lady Rams Too 20 – 12, Kaamilah Nasir led the Storm Lightening to victory with 13 goals, while Selah Tuzo added 5 goals and Kaylee Lema scored twice. The North Village Lady Rams Too got 9 goals from Gabrielle Romaine, Rae'chelle Webster scored twice and Coriah Simmons scored once.

The North Village Lady Rams defeated the Phoenix Flames 26 - 17. Candace Paynter led the North Village Lady Rams to victory with 15 goals, while Samaiya Ming added 11 goals.

Senior Division

Storm defeated the Phoenix Blazzin 41 - 12, Zekiah Lewis scored 21 goals for the Storm, with Nabiilah Nasir added 13 goals, Micah Pond scored 4 goals and Zakiyah Durham scored twice. The Phoenix Blazzin got 8 goals from Demiqua Daniels, Kandrea Romaine added 3 goals and Tahirah Hill scored once.

Robin Hood defeated the Phoenix Flames 38 - 23, Talia Lucas scored 30 goals for Robin Hood, with Naomi Taylor adding 8 goals. The Phoenix Flames got 11 goals from Tyanna Hayward, 7 goals from Shondae Woods Bell and 5 goals from Cheyenne McCallan.

Danielle Raynor scored 55 goals to lead the Phoenix Heat to a 71 - 35 win over the North Village Lady Rams, Ebonie Burgess added 13 goals and Arkeita Fubler scored 3 times, the North Village Lady Rams got 23 goals from Jahtuere Trott, Chaquita Simmons scored 9 goals and Zariah Amory scored 3 times.

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