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Thursday, February 07, 2019
BSSF Primary School Cross Country

Over 600 runners took part in the Bermuda School Sports Federation Primary School Cross Country Championships at the National Sports Center.

For the third day in a row www.islandstats.com has been able to bring you the results from the Bermuda School Sports Federation’s Middle, Senior and now Primary School Results.

Kelise Wade was the first runner to leave the stadium and the first to reenter as she led the Under 9 Girls race from the start to finish. The Northlands Primary School runner crossed the line in a time of 10.12, Somersfield Academy’s Gabrielle Cechini was second in the time of 10.21 followed by Antoinette Barry from Warwick Academy in 10.29.

Ta’han Eve was impressive in winning the Under 9 Boys race in a time of 9.36, the Primary 3 Harrington Sound Primary student defeated an older field of runners in winning the race. Carter Thomas from Somersfield Academy finished second in time of 10.01 while Warwick Academy’s Chan Pacheco-Hill was third in 10.04.

Legend Stevenson from West End Primary won the Over 9 Girls race over rival Ellise Dickenson from Somersfield Academy. The West End Primary School winner won the race in 9.36, with Somersfield Academy’s Dickinson stopping the clock at 10.01. Shinya Cumbermack from Purvis Primary rounded out the top three with a time of 10.04.

Tyler Coleman from Saltus Grammar School won the final race of the day after he clocked 9.46 in the Over 9 Boys race. Coleman was followed by Max Kimberly from Warwick Academy in 9.57 and Harrington Sound Primary’s Shuaib Worrell in 10.03.

Under 9 Girls Top 10

1. Kelise Wade - Northlands Primary

2. Gabrielle Cechini - Somersfield Academy
3. Antoinette Barry - Warwick Academy
4. Riana Robinson - West Pembroke Primary School
5. Zyari Lawrence - Francis Patton Primary
6. Hayleigh Cherry - Somersfield Academy
7. Jaylen Lewis - Bermuda High School
8. Nahla Robinson - West Pembroke Primary School
9. Kayla Weller - Harrington Sound Primary School
10. Ramayah Simons-Duque - Gilbert Institute

Under 9 Boys Top 10

1. T’han Eve - Harrington Sound Primary School

2. Carter Thomas - Somersfield Academy
3. Chan Pacheco-Hill - Warwick Academy
4. Max Parry - Saltus Grammar School
5. Chase McCrimmon - Saltus Grammar School
6. Isaac Todd - Saltus Grammar School
7. Gladwin Benjamin - Francis Patton Primary School
8. Skyler Peixoto - Somersfield Academy
9. Kaiyuri Albouy - St. George’s Preparatory
10. Amari Davis - Harrington Sound Primary

Over 9 Girls Top 10

1. Legend Stevenson - West End Primary

2. Ellise Dickinson - Somersfield Academy
3. Shinya Cumbermack - Purvis Primary
4. Keyandae Lightbourne - Elliot Primary
5. Jaeda Grant - Somerset Primary
6. Jasmine McIntosh - Warwick Academy
7. Amaris Munya - Warwick Academy
8. Dayasha Dill - Northlands Primary School
9. Eva Tuzo - St. George’s Preparatory
10. Setota Burchell - Harrington Sound Primary School

Over 9 Boys Top 10

1. Tyler Coleman - Saltus Grammar School

2. Max Kimberley - Warwick Academy
3. Shuaib Worrell - Harrington Sound Primary School
4. Harris Fleming - Warwick Academy
5. Ralph Scott - Warwick Academy
6. Tom Hyland - Saltus Grammar School
7. Luca Bortoli - Somersfield Academy
8. Masaki Kitade - Somersfield Academy
9. Alex LefebVre - Saltus Grammar School
10. Aiden Simmons - St. David’s Primary

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