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Wednesday, June 03, 2020
World Athletics - Strategic Plan & Olympic Qualifying Process
With the reopening of its headquarters this week, World Athletics has taken the opportunity to discuss with its 214 Member Federations its new Strategic Plan to drive growth, the latest medical advice on the coronavirus pandemic, particularly as it impacts on athletes returning to training and competition, and the updated Olympic qualifying process for Tokyo next year.

Strategic Plan

The key elements of the strategic plan are:


To use the power and accessibility of athletics and our athletes to create a healthier and fitter world.


Grow the sport and make it relevant in people’s lives and the lives of their communities.
Inspire by creating globally appealing and accessible competitions, events, and activities so our talented athletes can entertain and inspire the world.
Lead by being the best example of a well-governed sports federation taking brave leadership decisions and valuing partnerships that deliver athletics around the world.

We will grow athletics, by doing the things we do already even better through an on-going programme of continuous improvement and by delivering new and exciting initiatives and programmes with a focus on four priority goals.

Participation and Events

Deliver more events at every level of the sport. From more world-class athletics competitions in all continents at national, regional and international level, through to ensuring there are opportunities for children to try our sport wherever they live and campaigns for more people to get active through running.

Olympic Qualification System

Further to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the qualification system in force has been adapted accordingly.

Download the updated Olympic qualifying system: English | French

Key Elements

Qualification principles remain unchanged: qualification through entry standards (which also remain unchanged) and then world rankings
Athletes who have already met the entry standard since the start of the qualification period in 2019 remain qualified with other athletes to qualify within the extended qualification period

Suspended qualification period (for all events) 6 April to 30 November 2020

Amendments to the qualification system listed below

Age requirements have been adapted to reflect new date:

Senior athletes born in 2001 or earlier
Junior (U20) athletes born in 2002 or 2003
Youth (U18) athletes born in 2004 and 2005
Athletes younger than 16 born in 2006 or later

Click Here to see the Full Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Updated Qualifying System

Tuesday, June 02, 2020
‘Run 1 Tag 1’ Challenge for Global Running Day

On a day that encourages everyone to get moving, runners around the world are invited to celebrate Global Running Day on June 3rd.

Simply run one mile or complete an at-home exercise, then tag a friend to do the same. Share your activity on social media or on your preferred choice of activity tracker, then add the hashtags #Run1Tag1 and #GlobalRunningDay to help the global running community create a worldwide game of virtual tag.

The New York Road Runners (NYRR) has created a Virtual Global Running Day 1M Challenge
, which is free to enter for Strava users. Between now and June 7th, simply lace up your shoes and log a mile with a run or a walk.

There is also an ‘Active at Home’ Challenge
with accompanying resources, including race bibs for kids and at-home PE lessons.

Activities should of course be conducted in a safe and responsible way in a global effort to support and strengthen the running community. All runners should protect their health and safety and that of others by social distancing while running.

Although many will run separate routes while keeping distance from others, we’re all in this together to stay connected and healthy.
Monday, June 01, 2020
Sabir Part of Santiago 2023 Coordination Commission

The Coronavirus Pandemic has not relented throughout the Americans, but despite the difficult times that all the countries of the continent are experiencing, the Organizing Committee of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games has not stopped its work. Although it has had to adjust to some budgetary adjustments and teleworking, the team remains 100-percent committed and has received unrestricted support from the Government of Chile, the Ministry of Sport and the Olympic Committee.

On a video call this, a new meeting of the Santiago 2023 Coordination Commission was held with representatives of Panam Sports from all over the continent including David Sabir, and its President Neven Ilic, the Chilean Ministry of Sport led by Minister Cecilia Perez, the National Olympic Committee headed by Miguel Angel Mujica and the Organizing Committee led by Executive Director Felipe De Pablo.

In a meeting that lasted for more than three and a half hours, the organizers of the next continental multisport Games presented all of the advances regarding Infrastructure, the Pan American Village, Marketing, Commercial and Budget, among other topics.

In the coming days, groundwork will begin on the country’s main sports complex, where the Great National Stadium Park will be built where several existing venues will be remodeled and new venues will also be built, including the much-anticipated Field Hockey Complex that will be for public use and a new Arena where the abandoned velodrome is currently located.

As for the budget, Santiago 2023 has confirmed USD $506.7 million that will help solidify the important legacy for the Host Country, not only in terms of sports infrastructure, but also in the social sphere which remains the primary objective for the Olympic Movement of the Americas.

“The commitment of the President of the Republic, Sebastian Piñera and of all Chileans to the Pan American Games is more apparent and more present than ever. The main driving force and our main motivation is the great social and community legacy that Santiago 2023 is going to leave. We are advancing according to deadlines and already in mid-June the groundwork begins at the National Stadium for the construction of the first project”, indicated the Sports Minister and President of the Organizing Committee, Cecilia Perez.

“We are very happy and calm with the great work and commitment that Chileans have towards the Games, despite the difficult times that we are living as a region with the Coronavirus. We are confident that Chile will organize an unforgettable Pan American sports festival,” said the President of the Santiago 2023 Coordination Commission, Mario Moccia of Argentina.

“I am very proud of the work they are doing here in Chile. We all know the difficult moment we are experiencing not only here, but throughout the world and especially in the Americas, and they have fully complied with the times and with the work to which they have committed themselves. I see effort, dedication and commitment from everyone, and that makes me very calm,” Panam Sports President Neven Ilic said emphatically.

The Santiago 2023 Organizing Committee does not stop. Despite the fact that there are more than three years until the most important sports festival on the continent begins, the southernmost country in the world has a team working 24/7 despite the pandemic and the difficulties that have arisen. They continue at a steady pace, with the main objective of delivering the best Pan American Games in history.

Friday, May 29, 2020
Bermuda Day Half Marathon Champions

The Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby was cancelled back on April 15th, the cancelation was only the second time in the events history that it would not be run.
Kavin Smith holds the record for most wins with nine, while Sir Stanley Burgess, Arthur Lambert, Ed Sherlock and Christopher Estwanik all have 6 wins

On the Women’s side, Sandra Mewett has the most wins with 8, while Debbie Butterfield crossed the line first 7 times, while Anna Eartherley and Ashley Estwanik both have 6 wins under their belt.

Bermuda Day Half Marathon Male Champion

2019 Lamont Marshall
2018 Lamont Marshall
2017 Jay Donawa
2016 Lamont Marshall
2015 Christopher Estwanik
2014 Tyler Butterfield
2013 Tyler Butterfield
2012 Christopher Estwanik
2011 Christopher Estwanik
2010 Christopher Estwanik
2009 Christopher Estwanik
2008 Christopher Estwanik
2007 Larry W. Marshall
2006 Terrance Armstrong
2005 Terrance Armstrong
2004 Terrance Armstrong
2003 Kavin Smith
2002 Kavin Smith
2001 Kavin Smith
2000 Kavin Smith
1999 Kavin Smith
1998 Tracey Wright
1997 Kavin Smith
1996 Kavin Smith
1995 Kavin Smith
1994 Brett Forgesson
1993 Kavin Smith
1992 Errol Cormack
1991 Michael Watson
1990 Tracey Wright
1989 Tony Ryan
1988 Tony Ryan
1987 Michael Watson
1986 Tony Ryan
1985 Michael Watson
1984 Michael Watson
1983 Kevin Pearson
1982 Cal Bean
1981 Raymond Swan
1980 Jeff Payne
1979 Garry Wilkinson
1978 Raymond Swan
1977 Cal Bean
1976 Cal Bean
1975 Cal Bean
1974 Calvin Hansey
1973 Mike Woods
1972 Calvin Hansey
1971 Cal Bean
1970 Calvin Hansey
1969 Calvin Hansey
1968 Alan Hatherly
1967 Thomas Smith
1966 Thomas Smith
1965 Neville Virgil
1964 Neville Virgil
1963 Max Smith Jr.
1962 Ed Sherlock
1961 Ed Sherlock
1960 Ed Sherlock
1959 Ed Sherlock
1958 Ed Sherlock
1957 Arthur Lambert
1956 Ed Sherlock
1955 Arthur Lambert
1954 Arthur Lambert
1953 Arthur Lambert
1952 Arthur Lambert
1951 Stanley Burgess
1950 Stanley Burgess
1949 Arthur Lambert
1948 George Lambert
1947 Stanley Burgess
1946 Stanley Burgess
1945 Victor Hollis
1944 Victor Hollis
1943 Stanley Burgess
1942 James Robinson
1941 Victor Hollis
1940 James Robinson
1939 Max Smith Sr.
1938 Max Smith Sr.
1937 Max Smith Sr.
1936 Max Smith Sr.
1935 Kenneth Castle
1934 Kenneth Castle
1933 James Thomas
1932 Kenneth Castle
1931 Max Smith Sr.
1930 Stanley Burgess
1929 Wesley Bascome
1928 Wesley Bascome
1927 Joe Thompson
1926 Joe Thompson
1925 Joe Thompson
1924 George De Shield
1923 George Ratteray
1922 George Ratteray
1921 John Simons
1920 Wentworth Zuill
1919 Max Smith
1918 Max Smith
1917 Wentworth Zuill
1916 John Simons
1915 [No Race]
1914 Private Henson
1913 Private Rendall
1912 Private Rendall
1911 Private Bruce
1910 Private Jordan
1909 Private Jordan

Bermuda Day Half Marathon Female Champion

2019 Rose-Anna Hoey
2018 Nikki Butterfield
2017 Deon Breary
2016 Ashley Estwanik
2015 Ashley Estwanik
2014 Ashley Estwanik
2013 Rose-Anna Hoey
2012 Ashley Estwanik
2011 Deon Breary
2010 Ashley Estwanik
2009 Victoria Fiddick
2008 Ashley Estwanik
2007 Dawn Richardson
2006 Dawn Richardson
2005 Lynn Patchett
2004 Anna Eatherley
2003 Anna Eatherley
2002 Lynn Patchett
2001 Anna Eatherley
2000 Anna Eatherley
1999 Anna Eatherley
1998 Jane Christie
1997 Karen Adams
1996 Karen Adams
1995 Maria Conroy-Haydon
1994 Sandra Mewett
1993 Anna Eatherley
1992 Sandra Mewett
1991 Sandra Mewett
1990 Sandra Mewett
1989 Sandra Mewett
1988 Sandra Mewett
1987 Debbie Butterfield
1986 Debbie Butterfield
1985 Sandra Mewitt
1984 Sandra Mewett
1983 Jane Christie
1982 Debbie Butterfield
1981 Merernette Bean-Simmons
1980 Debbie Butterfield
1979 Debbie Butterfield
1978 Debbie Butterfield
1977 Debbie Butterfield
1976 Merernette Bean-Simmons
Thursday, May 28, 2020
Boston Marathon Cancelled

The Boston Marathon has been cancelled for the first time in its 124-year history because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Bermuda runners have for years been a part of the field.

The race had initially been postponed from April 20th to September 14th.

However, Boston mayor Marty Walsh said the race could not be held in 2019 because of public health fears.

"There's no way to hold the usual race format without bringing large numbers of people into close proximity," Walsh said on Thursday.

The event is the longest-running major annual marathon in the world, having been held every year since 1897.

Kenya's Lawrence Cherono and Worknesh Degefa of Ethiopia won the Men and Women's races in 2019.
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