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Monday, January 23, 2017
Bermuda Olympians Receive Funding From BHCS

Houston & Dr. Brown
Bermuda Olympians Tre Houston and Tyrone Smith have received $4,000.00 each in sponsorship from Bermuda HealthCare Services.

Making the presentation was Dr. Ewart Brown, Founder & Executive Chairman of Bermuda HealthCare Services.

Smith who was off island told www.islandstats.com, “As I get older and seemingly better at my event sponsorships have been harder and harder to come by unfortunately. Having the support of Doctor Brown and BHCS has been something that I know I can count on. They are a part of my family and I am so grateful to receive this continued sponsorship. It takes a team to achieve success and I'm blessed to have a great one.”

Houston thanked Dr. Brown and the Bermuda HealthCare Services team for their support and is looking forward to putting his best foot forward in 2017.

Sunday, January 22, 2017
Allen and Lindsay are Butterfield & Vallis 5K Champions

Stephen Allen and Gayle Lindsay were crowned the Male and Female Butterfield & Vallis 5K Champions.

Allen crossed the line in a time of 17.04, with Tim Price second in17.33 and Jamie Fraser rounded out the top three finishers with a time of 18.18.

Lindsay was the 9th runner to cross the line clocking 19.33, Deon Breary was the second female finisher and 17th over in 19.57 and the third female finisher was Catherine Mello who was the 22nd runner to cross the line in 20.38.

Butterfield & Vallis 5K Top 20 Finishers

17.04 Stephen Allen

17:33 Tim Price

18:18 Jamie Fraser

18:27 Alexander Garbiak

18:39 Craig Rothwell

18:58 Jason Adkins

18:59 Chefton Hall

19:29 Dennis Mbelenzi

19:33 Gayle Lindsay

19:34 Michael Schindel

19:37 Jason Williams

19:40 Darryl Herrick

19:42 Neil Burt

19:44 Ronae Burgess

19:50 John Thompson

19:51 Dustin Luck

19:52 Craig Smith

19:57 Deon Breary

20:06 Geoff Blee

20:18 Byron Rencken

Click Here to see the Full 2017 Butterfield & Vallis 5K Road Race Results

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Bermuda Athlete on Coping with Mid-Race Anxiety

Bermuda’s Daniel Maguire lives with athletic anxiety, and the 20-year-old Dalhousie runner continues to make strides to help himself and others.

“A lot of athletes feel anxiety before they compete, or even during competition,” says Maguire. “Anxiety issues cause me to question whether or not I am at the level I need to be. I look around me during a race and say, ‘can I do this?”

Maguire who finished 2nd during the 2015 Sir Stanley Burgess 5K Road Race is now in school at Dalhousie University, writes Jeff Harper/Metro.

In a sport measured by individual results, cross country runner Maguire often finds his toughest opponent in the mirror.

Maguire lives with athletic anxiety, and the 20-year-old Dalhousie runner continues to make strides to help himself and others.

Running mixes with Maguire’s anxiety in different ways. He describes it as relaxing and meditative – taking in the sights and sounds, unwinding from the stressors of life.

Then comes competition, and the stressors of chasing success.

“Last year, I came into the season in great shape and the night before the first race, I couldn’t sleep,” Maguire recalls. “It would affect my performance. This year, the issues moved to mid-race anxiety. My best races are when I almost treat it like a practice, don’t take it too seriously.”

Maguire’s anxiety became an issue as a sophomore while attending boarding school in Delaware. He describes those early anxiety attacks as a feeling of isolation. The attacks often occurred at night, leaving him awake and pacing the halls of his dorm.

“There was a strong support system at boarding school, but I never felt I could reach out. I felt alone. You begin to think about everything – I’d tell a joke at school and if nobody laughed, I’d spend the night wondering if people didn’t like me, or thought I wasn’t funny.”

Maguire also found running in Delaware. Although never previously focused on athletics, he gave running a try and was a standout amongst his classmates. His sister Erin also ran cross country, and he followed her footsteps to the Dalhousie University varsity team. Maguire found a home.

“I love the Dalhousie athletic community,” he says. “This sport is a big part of who I am. My friends and roommates are on this team. I feel comfortable here.”

Maguire now does “strength training” to combat his anxiety. Sometimes, it involves thinking of positive things to help feel calm. Simple thoughts such as “your family loves you” or remembering a great race result.

Then there is the support of teammates, whom he says understand the mental strain of a big race. They offer encouraging words and understand his journey. In turn, he’s been approached by close friends looking to talk about their anxiety issues, athletic or otherwise. Maguire is involved with Bell Let’s Talk Day on January 25th. He’s seen growth in support for mental health issues through the annual campaign.

“We need to be open about mental health and stop seeing these issues as weaknesses,” Maguire says. “Not everybody lifts the same amount of weight in the gym. Mental health is the same – it doesn’t define your strength or who you are as a person. We’ve come a long way in realizing that talking about mental health is ok, but there’s still room to grow.”
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Leseur Concludes Competing in COMP Aspen 2 Event

John Leseur concluded competing in the 2017 COMP Aspen 2 Freestyle Skiing Event on the Thunderbowl Course.

Competing on the Final Day, Leseur took part in the Dual Moguls.

In his opening round, Keseur advanced after scoring a big 22 - 3 win over Nash Lucas.

In his next matchup, Leseur Did Not Finish against Ben Hoefer.

Sunday, January 15, 2017
Bermuda Marathon and Half Marathon

Diriba Degefa Yigezu and Gemma Steel are the Bermuda Half Marathon Male and Female Champions, while Bryan Morseman and Meseret Ali Bass are the Bermuda Marathon Male and Female Champions.

In near perfect weather conditions the race got underway on Front Street with hundred of participants taking to the course.

Yigezu completed the hat-trick of wins this after taking the tape in the Elite Men’s Front Street Mile race and then the 10K, he crossed the line on Front Street in a time of 1:05.53, Scott Overall was second in 1:07.03 and Alexander Teuten was third in 1:07.54.

Steel stopped the clock in a time of 1:14.24, she was the 6th competitor to cross the line, while the second female finisher Rebecca Moore was the 8th runner to cross the line she was clocked at 1:18.00 and rounding out the top three Female finishers Lauren Murray finished 13th overall with a time of 1:28.11.

Jay Donawa was the first Male local runner to cross the line finishing 7th overall in a time of 1:17.12, while Deon Breary was the first local Female and 19th overall with a time of 1:30.39.

Morseman completed the Marathon in a time of 2:29:11, with Nick Synan finishing second in 2:46:02 and Ben Parkes rounded out the top three finishers with a time of 2:46:21.

Basa was the 6th runner to cross the line in a time of 3:02:39, Rose-Anna Hoey was the second female finisher and 9th overall with a time of 3:12:29, she was also the first Bermuda runner to cross the line and finishing 13th overall was the third female finisher Stephanie Hodge clocking 3:26:56.

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