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Sunday, June 03, 2018
You Go Girls 2018 Round Up

The Seventh Annual “You Go Girl” All Female Road Race took place in Hamilton along Front Street.
Click Here to see the Full You Go Girls Road Race 2018 Photo Gallery

The team of Stepanka Sprincova, Krista Dyer and Sharlen Sousa making up Go Flora Go recorded the fastest time of 22:46.

The Par La Ville Plodders team of Lucy Ching, Louise Wells and Rebecca Shepherd was second clocking 23:51.

The Fire Crackers were the third team across the line in a time of 24:20, the team was made up of Cary Butterfield, Patricia Borland and Teresa Humphrey.

RUN Family

25:32 Time for mom to pick it up again!

32:18 BHS Riihi's
32:24 Lewin Sistahs

RUN Corporate

22:46 GO Flora GO!!!!

26:53 Nautilus A Team
27:20 Bermuda High School/BHS Bolts
28:19 Bermuda High School/ The 3 Runners
28:59 primarypirates
29:51 Keep Calm and Teach on
30:17 Bermuda High School/F.A.M.
30:53 Bermuda High School/The Go Getters
31:45 KPMG Tax-Manian Devils
33:24 Scrambled Eggs
33:45 Three No Trump
34:30 Bermuda High School/Coach Potatoes
36:55 Bermuda High School/Torch Bearers

RUN Open

23:51 Par La Ville Plodders

24:20 The Fire Crackers
24:24 High EXPATations
24:49 3 Fast 3 Furious
25:02 The Funky Foxes
25:30 Fly Gurls
25:42 Mums on the run
26:01 Girls Just Wanna Have Run
26:33 Hot Pink Ladies
27:26 Bermunicorns
27:59 Romanian chicks
28:15 2 Playground Mamas
28:21 The Runners Up
28:33 Swizzle Swim Swagger rOUTe
28:46 Cirque de sore legs
29:38 Triple Trouble
30:03 Rainbow Unicorns
31:47 We Wine A Lot
31:58 Running on Island Time
32:19 Girl Squad
32:54 Wonder Runners
33:04 Good Vibe Tribe
33:21 Moms on the run
33:28 Two Fast and One Furious
34:04 Canadian Maple in Bermy
34:12 JAM Girls Run
34:237 Slow and Steady
34:55 Thomas and friends
34:57 3 Broke Girls
35:06 Ready, Steady, Go
35:24 Just COS
36:43 Happy Mommas
39:39 Lady Bosses
40:18 Team FAB
49:37 Squad-a-lucious

WALK Competitive

39:32 Three B's

41:55 A Cann of Beans

RUN Masters

28:30 The Beach Set

29:26 The MEAN Team
29:35 Run Run Run
30:08 TLC Sole Sisters
32:04 whining winos
33:14 Dashing Divas
33:30 The Green & Gold
33:34 Madame Japonais
34:50 Running Ladies


26:43 Tic Tac Toe

28:05 Summer Crawlers
29:52 Bermuda Bubbles
30:23 Teamtutu
30:44 Avocardio
31:09 We made Lauren do it!!!
32:26 We Run for Sushi
33:22 TRFC ladies Team Two
33:24 TRFC Ladies Team One
35:46 Vigorous Sissies
36;52 We are the guardians
37:59 NGCE
47:52 Out For A Stroll
52:36 Jelly Bellies

Run (All 6K)

27:50 Bermuda Tool Wives

29:44 Sweat Baby Sweat
30:15 Wakanda Forever!!!
30:21 Leid-back Ladies
34:28 Margaritaville Gals

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