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Friday, January 12, 2018
Bermuda Front Street Mile 2018
The 2018 Front Street Mile got underway along Front Street at 7:00pm, with waves of the Bermuda Triangle Challenge participants leading things off.

Dage Minors will go into the history books as he became the first Bermudian to win the KPMG Front Street Mile Elite Menís race.

Minors was able to make a break and everything came together he was able to clock a winning time of 4:33.00, Jordan Donnelly was second in 4:34.16 and Girma Bekele Gebre finished third stopping the clock in 4:36.93

Angel Piccirillo won the Elite Female race when she was able to hold off Dana Mecke at the line by .01 of a second, Piccirillo was clocked at 4:52.26, while Mecke was clocked at 4:52.27 and finishing 3rd was Kathryn Lazarchick who was clocked at 4;54.24.

The narrowest finish of the night came during the Senior School Boys race when Quincy Kuzyk and Johndelle Cumberbatch recorded the same time of 4:51.6, with Kuzyk declared the winner, Cumberbatch was second and Robert Edwards finished third clocking 4:56.3.

2018 Front Street Mile

Elite Females

4:52.26 Angel Piccirillo

4:52.27 Dana Mecke
4:54.24 Kathryn Lazarchick
5:06.00 Kimarra McDonald

Elite Males

04:33.0 Dage Minors

04:34.2 Jordan Donnelly
04:36.9 Girma Bekele Gebre
04:38.6 Birhanu Dare Kemal
04:44.2 Andrew Pitts
04:44.7 Abu Kebede Diriba

Middle School Girls

05:43.2 Taylor White

05:48.9 M. Sharrieff
05:54.5 Aubree Lopez
05:58.2 R. Brangman
05:59.5 Zoe Hasselkuss
06:03.5 S. Cann
06:04.5 J. Hasselkuss
06:04.8 Jade Johnston
06:07.7 Jezhari Talbot
06:11.7 Che-Chulae Mone Dowling
06:13.5 A. Argent
06:19.2 K. Bean-Rosario
06:21.2 D. Desmond
06:23.7 Satasia Swann
06:26.5 Liana Medeiros
06:31.1 C. Coleman
06:44.2 M. Tankard
06:48.5 S. Lawrence
06:58.2 B. Howes
06:58.2 Megan Johnston

Middle School Boys

05:02.5 Sancho Smith

05:04.2 Kahzi Sealey
05:05.7 Ryan Fleming
05:06.3 Tommy Marshall
05:17.2 J. Brislane
05:27.8 Oslo Adamson
05:28.2 Sam Williamson
05:40.0 S. Jones
05:43.5 T. Goater
05:46.8 J. Grant
05:49.3 John Dickinson
05:53.4 Andre Mussenden
05:54.2 S. Hayward
05:56.4 J. James
05:57.7 B. Furbert
05:59.5 J. Simons
06:04.3 M. Falcao
06:11.3 E. Homan
06:11.7 H. Watson-Brown
06:13.3 F. Watson-Brown
07:00.7 M. Reid

Senior School Girls

05:33.3 Ashley Irby

05:51.1 Lynsey Palmer
05:52.4 Kayla Hurl
06:00.8 Jessie Marshall
06:20.9 Zahra Wilson
06:22.5 Koa Goodchild
06:28.7 Kyaida Lanthier
06:46.2 Kyasia Simmons
06:47.8 Amber Simons
06:50.7 Naphisa Smith

Senior School Boys

04:51.6 Quincy Kuzyk

04:51.6 Johndelle Cumberbatch
04:56.3 Robert Edwards
05:02.2 Ryan Outerbridge
05:05.8 Nicholas Pilgrim
05:14.8 Luis Friedemann
05:31.8 Caleb Ingham
05:37.1 Seth Hardtman
05:38.4 Matthew Elliott
05:47.3 T'Syi Showers

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