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International Games
Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Bermuda Misses Advancing in the Dominican Republic

Bermuda’s ITF/COTECC Under 12 Team Tennis Tournament team of Dexter Snaith, Jaden Jones and Hasan Khan just missed out on advancing in the Dominican Republic, as they fell 2 – 1 to the Dominican Republic Two Team in a 10 Point Super Tie Breaker.

Bermuda and the Dominican Republic Two team battled in a promotion play-off, and following the Singles the teams were deadlocked at 1 – 1.

Snaith went down 6-4, 3-6-3, 7-5 in a 3 hour war, for the Dominican Republic Two team to take a 1 – 0 lead, but Jones then level the score at 1 – 1 when he won his match 7-6, 6-0.

It would then come down to Snaith and Jones in the Doubles. Bermuda went ahead winning the first set 6-4, but the Dominican Republic Two team leveled the match at 1 – 1 when they won the second set 6-4.

The match was then going to be decided on a 10 Point Super Tie-Breaker. The Dominican Republic Two team would be able to emerge winners 10 – 7 to advance.

Coach Gavin Manders said, “9:30 am – 5:45 pm match day with 8: am warm up, these young men represented Bermuda well to the fullest today, True Warriors.”

Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Bermuda’s Inaugural Caribbean Games Team Departs

Members of Team Bermuda departed ready to compete in the inaugural Caribbean Games in Guadalupe.

The Inaugural Caribbean Games in Guadeloupe is set for June 29th – July 3rd, 2022.

Bermuda Olympic Association President Peter Dunne who is also the President of the Bermuda Bicycle Association is leading the delegation.

Bermuda is being represented at the Inaugural Caribbean Games in Athletics and Cycling.

Mikal Dill will compete in the Men’s Long Jump & Triple Jump, while Ryan Outerbridge will compete in the Men’s 1500m, with Allison Outerbridge & Norbert Simons serving as the Athletics Coaches.

Alexander Miller, Nicholas Narraway, and Liam Flannery will represent the island in Cycling with Clifford Roberts serving as the Coach.

The Caribbean Games, which are organized by the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC), will begin with an Opening Ceremony in the Stade René Serge Nabajoth before a seven-sport program is played out.

Athletics, 3x3 Basketball, Road Cycling, Futsal, Judo, Swimming, and Netball are all set to appear in the five-day event.
Monday, June 27, 2022
Bermuda Fall to Italy in Men’s CWC League B Action

Italy Won by 10 Wickets

Bermuda 120 Italy 124/0

Bermuda went down by 10 wickets in their ICC Men’s CWC Challenge League B match against Italy.

Bermuda won the toss and elected to bat, they were bowled out for 120, Malachi Jones was the top scorer with 21, with Jabari Darrell adding 16. Crishan Kalugamage was the pick of the Italy bowlers with figures of 7.0-0-25-3.

In reply, Italy scored 124/0 with Marcus Campopiano the top scorer with 75 not out.

Bermuda Inning

..13 (17) Kamau Leverock c Madupa Fernando b Sharif Amir
..07 (10) Steven Bremar c Manpreet Singh b Gareth Berg
..21 (18) Malachi Jones LBW Crishan Kalugamage
..10 (29) Dennico Hollis LBW Kosala Warnakulasuriya
..08 (15) Dominic Sabir st Manpreet Singh b Crishan Kalugamage
..14 (13) Charles Trott c Manpreet Singh b Crishan Kalugamage
..05 (07) Amri Ebbin LBW Kosala Warnakulasuriya
..03 (14) Najiyah Raynor b Madupa Fernando
..01 (06) Jamar Stovel LBW Kosala Warnakulasuriya
..07 (25) Cameron Jeffers c Crishan Kalugamage b Gareth Berg
..16 (12) Jabari Darrell Not Out
..16 Extras (6w-10lb)
120 Total All Out after 27.4 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-19 (Leverock), 2-22 (Bremar), 3-53 (Jones), 4-69 (Sabir), 5-71 (Hollis), 6-90 (Trott), 7-92 (Ebbin), 8-94 (Stovel), 9-100 (Raynor), 10-120 (Jeffers)

Italy Bowlers

6.4-2-13-2 Gareth Berg
4.0-0-31-1 Sharif Amir
7.0-0-25-3 Crishan Kalugamage
1.0-0-05-0 Gian-Piero Meade
7.0-0-30-3 Kosala Warnakulasuriya
2.0-0-07-1 Madupa Fernando

Italy Inning

..49 (37) Nikolai Smith Not Out
..75 (37) Marcus Campopiano Not Out
..00 Extras
124 Total for 0 Wickets after 12.2 overs

Fall of Wickets:

Bermuda Bowlers

2.0-0-16-0 Jabari Darrell
2.0-0-14-0 Jamar Stovel
3.0-0-23-0 Kamau Leverock
3.0-0-43-0 Malachi Jones
1.2-0-16-0 Cameron Jeffers
1.0-0-12-0 Charles Trott
Sunday, June 26, 2022
Bermuda Fall to Jersey in Challenge B League Match

Bermuda captain Kamau Leverock
Jersey Won by 291 Runs

Jersey 371/8 Bermuda 80

Jersey boosted their hopes of making the 2023 Cricket World Cup after defeating Bermuda by 291 runs to win all five of the ICC Challenge League B matches in Uganda.

Openers Nick Greenwood (106) and Harrison Carlyon (73) again excelled as they put on 168 for the first wicket.

Jonty Jenner hit 52 and Julius Sumerauer scored 41 as Jersey made 371-8 - their biggest score of the week.

In reply, Bermuda were bowled out for just 80 in 17.5 overs.

Greenwood's first century in Uganda came off 80 balls and included 17 fours and a six while man of the match Carlyon scored 12 fours in his 73.

Jenner compiled a second successive half-century as he and Sumerauer put on 85 for the sixth wicket, and all but two of the Channel Island side's batters hit double figures.

In reply, Jersey's bowlers tore through the Bermuda batting order as only opener Kamau Leverock offered any resistance.

Leverock scored 63 off 51 balls, including six sixes and four fours.

Jersey Inning

106 (80) Nick Greenwood c Jabari Darrell b Malachi Jones
..73 (69) Harrison Carlyon LBW Cameron Jeffers
..29 (40) Josh Lawrenson c Dominic Sabir b Malachi Jones
..05 (07) Ben Stevens LBW Cameron Jeffers
..52 (44) Jonty Jenner c Dominic Sabir b Jelani Richardson
..12 (11) Dominic Blampied c Jelani Richardson b Kamau Leverock
..41 (27) Julius Sumerauer c Steven Bremar b Jabari Darrell
..07 (07) Benjamin Ward c Dominic Sabir b Jelani Richardson
..13 (10) Jake Dunford Not Out
..15 (06) Charles Perchard Not Out
..18 Extras (1nb-10w-7lb)
371 Total for 8 wickets after 50 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-168 (Carlyon), 2-192 (Greenwood), 3-210 (Stevens), 4-232 (Lawrenson), 5-250 (Blampied), 6-335 (Sumerauer), 7-336 (Jenner), 8-348 (Ward)

Bermuda Bowlers

10.-0-65-1 Kamau Leverock
6.0-0-58-0 Zeko Burgess
5.0-0-36-2 Jelani Richardson
10.-0-51-2 Cameron Jeffers
9.0-0-100-1 Jabari Darrell
10.-0-54-2 Malachi Jones

Bermuda’s Inning

..03 (18) Dominic Sabir Run Out
..63 (51) Kamau Leverock c Charles Perchard b Julius Sumerauer
..00 (01) Dalin Richardson LBW Harrison Carlyon
..01 (06) Amri Ebbin LBW Charles Perchard
..00 (02) Steven Bremar LBW Harrison Carlyon
..01 (06) Zeko Burgess b Harrison Carlyon
..02 (11) Cameron Jeffers c Dominic Blampied b Harrison Carlyon
..01 (04) Jabari Darrell b Harrison Carlyon
..04 (05) Malachi Jones Not Out

..00 (01) Jamar Stovel LBW Julius Sumerauer
..00 (02) Jelani Richardson b Julius Sumerauer
..05 Extras (3w-2lb)
..80 Total All Out after 17.5 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-34 (Sabir), 2-34 (Dalin Richardson), 3-41 (Ebbin), 4-42 (Bremar), 5-53 (Burgess), 6-61 (Jeffers), 7-75 (Darrell), 8-79 (Leverock), 9-80 (Stovel), 10-80 (Jelani Richardson)

Jersey Bowlers

Jersey Bowling

4.5-0-19-3 Julius Sumerauer
3.0-0-14-0 Elliot Miles
4.0-1-18-1 Charles Perchard
5.0-1-13-5 Harrison Carlyon
1.0-0-14-0 Dominic Blampied
Thursday, June 23, 2022
Bermuda Fall in 3rd Challenge B League Match

Hong Kong on by 194 Runs

Hong Kong 313/9 Bermuda 119

Bermuda won the toss and elected field in their third ICC Men’s CWC Challenge League B match at the Kyambogo Cricket Oval, Kampala.

Hong Kong scored 313/9 in their allotted 50 overs, Babar Hayat was the top scorer with 139, Kamau Leverock was the pick of the Bermuda bowlers returning figures of 9-1-62-4.

In reply Bermuda was bowled out for 119, Dominic Sabir was the top scorer with 34, and Steven Bremar added 24. Ehsan Khan was the pick of the Hong Kong bowlers with figures of 4.1-0-19-4.

Hong Kong Inning

..08 (08) Adit Gorawara c & b Zeko Burgess
..38 (27) Nizakat Khan c Jelani Richardson b Kamau Leverock
..19 (26) Zeeshan Ali LBW Jamar Stovel
139 (105) Babar Hayat c Dominic Sabir b Zeko Burgess
..02 (09) Kinchit Shah c Najiyah Raynor b Kamau Leverock
..34 (54) Aizaz Khan c Steven Bremar b Charles Trott
..05 (19) Yasim Murtaza c Jelani Richardson b Charles Trott
..33 (37) Shahid Wasif c Jamar Stovel b Kamau Leverock
..10 (11) Ehsan Khan c Jelani Richardson b Kamau Leverock
..02 (03) Ayush Shukla Not Out
..01 (03) Mohammad Ghazanfar Not Out
..22 Extras (2nb-9w-8b-3lb)
313 Total for 9 wickets after 50 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-15 (Gorawara), 1-74 (Nizakat Khan), 2-74 (Ali), 3-96 (Shah), 4-163 (Aizaz Khan), 5-177 (Murtaza), 6-260 (Wasif), 7-269 (Hayat), 8-292 (Ehsan Khan), 9-308 (Nizakat Khan)

Bermuda Bowlers

10.-0-66-2 Zeko Burgess
3.0-0-24-1 Jamar Stovel
9.0-1-62-4 Kamau Leverock
8.0-0-56-0 Jelani Richardson
10.-2-32-2 Charles Trott
10.-0-62-0 Cameron Jeffers

Bermuda Inning

..34 (27) Dominic Sabir b Ayush Shukla
..01 (06) Dennico Hollis c Adit Gorawara b Aizaz Khan
..04 (22) Najiyah Raynor b Yasim Murtaza
..12 (34) Amri Ebbin LBW Mohammad Ghazanfar
..05 (06) Kamau Leverock b Yasim Murtaza
..24 (27) Steven Bremar c & b Yasim Murtaza
..08 (08) Charles Trott LBW Ehsan Khan
..00 (02) Jamar Stovel LBW Ehsan Khan
..02 (07) Cameron Jeffers c Shahid Wasif b Ehsan Khan
..09 (08) Zeko Burgess c Zeeshan Ali b Ehsan Khan
..01 (05) Jelani Richardson Not Out
..19 Extras (1nb-12w-1b-5lb)
119 Total All Out after 25.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-24 (Hollis), 2-42 (Sabir), 3-52 (Raynor), 4-62 (Leverock), 5-83 (Ebbin), 6-102 (Trott), 7-102 (Stovel), 8-105 (Bremar), 9-113 (Jeffers), 10-119 (Burgess)

Hong Kong Bowlers

6.0-1-22-1 Ayush Shukla
6.0-2-27-1 Aizaz Khan
7.0-1-32-3 Yasim Murtaza
4.1-0-19-4 Ehsan Khan
2.0-0-13-1 Mohammad Ghazanfar
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