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International Games
Monday, June 21, 2021
Tokyo 2020 Confirm up to 10,000 Domestic Fans

Up to 10,000 domestic fans will be able to attend events at the delayed Olympic Games in Tokyo after organizers confirmed spectator caps for the event amid COVID-19 concerns.

Capacity will be set at 50 per cent for all venues at the Games, and 10,000 fans will be permitted providing it does not exceed that limit.

Organizers have warned, however, that further restrictions could be placed on spectator numbers if any other measures or a state of emergency is introduced because of the coronavirus crisis at any time after July 12.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said the Olympics could still take place without fans if the COVID-19 situation in the host country worsens.

Tokyo and other prefectures are under "quasi-emergency" status until July 11th after the tougher state of emergency was lifted yesterday.

International spectators have already been barred from attending the Games, set to open on July 23rd.

The announcement following a five-party meeting between the Japanese Government, Tokyo 2020, the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and Tokyo Metropolitan Government, comes despite health officials and experts calling for the Games to be held behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it also clarifies the last remaining uncertainty surrounding the Games, which organizers are pressing ahead with holding in the face of public opposition and criticism from those concerned the Olympics will turn into a "super-spreader" event.

Fans have been told to wear masks at all time, refrain from shouting and cheering and travel directly to and from venues under strict rules designed to reduce the risk of infection.

Tokyo 2020 chief executive Toshirō Mutō appeared to rule out spectators having to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination to be able to attend the Games, claiming it would be "problematic".

Having proof of a COVID-19 vaccination was a mandatory rule for fans to be granted entry into the Puskás Aréna in Budapest for matches at the pan-continental UEFA European Championship.

Tokyo 2020 officials also confirmed they would hold a lottery of existing ticket holders following the decision to allow fans to attend.
Sunday, June 20, 2021
Belongers Can Now Belong to Bermuda

The Association has been discussing the issue of representation on behalf of Bermuda at various international festivals, in particular the Olympics, Pan Am Games Commonwealth Games and CAC Games.

There have been many opinions regarding who should have the right to represent Bermuda and what documentation should be presented or criteria applied to establish this right.

The issue has also been around consistency in the application of the criteria meaning that there should be a set of criteria that is applicable to each and every individual who desires to represent Bermuda under the auspices of the Bermuda Olympic Association.

It is a fact that at times the four mentioned Games above may present different eligibility requirements but the issue facing the Association is who should have the right to represent Bermuda despite the specific Games eligibility criteria. This has been determined by the Association as being any person who is a "belonger."

In this regard, we have sought opinion on what documents represent proof of "belonging" to Bermuda and, on the basis that the determination of a person's status is a matter for the Department of Immigration, the following official documents represent proof of belonging to Bermuda and as a consequence establishes who has the right to represent Bermuda.

The documents are:-

1. BOTC (Bermuda) passport acquired through Naturalization
2. Any passport with a stamp stating, "The holder is registered as a Bermudian", or
3. Government letter or certificate stating that "The holder is registered as a Bermudian", or
4. Bermuda Status Certificate, or
5. Naturalization Certificate which identifies the holder as a British Overseas Territory Citizen (Bermuda)

Please note that although these documents will satisfy as proof of "belonger" status, it must also be emphasized that determining a person's status is a matter for the Bermuda Department of Immigration. The Bermuda Department of Immigration does not prescribe who can represent Bermuda.

This is exclusively reserved for the Association to determine, and we have done so by stating that the person must be a "belonger' and proof of that is any of the above documentation.

However, it must be emphasized that these are the requirements which satisfy this Association as to who may represent Bermuda. What is then necessary to attend an International Olympic Committee ("IOC") event is that the individual present a passport of the country they represent.

In representing Bermuda, a BOTC (Bermuda) passport is required. It is the obligation of the individual to present a BOTC (Bermuda) passport to the IOC for the purpose of participation.

It is this Association's understanding that if you are able to obtain any of the documentation referred to above at numbers 2 to 5, then you should be in a position to obtain a BOTC (Bermuda) passport although this a process which requires appropriate application to be made to the Department of Immigration. The Association will require any individual, before being allowed to represent Bermuda at any IOC event, to obtain their BOTC (Bermuda) passport.
Saturday, June 19, 2021
Bermuda's Provisional Gold Cup Roster Announced

The Provisional Rosters for the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup have been submitted ahead of the 25 nations competing in the 16th edition of the Confederation’s premier competition for men’s national teams.

The rosters including Bermuda’s have been selected and submitted by each of the teams and are published as such. In order to be eligible to play in the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup, all players are subject to and must fully comply with the criteria stipulated in the applicable FIFA player eligibility regulations.

Bermuda’s Provisional 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup Roster

Arnezha ASTWOOD – Black Rock
Chikosi BASDEN - Unattached
Jaylon BATHER – Robin Hood
Keishon BEAN – PHC Zebras
Jomei BEAN – LINDO – Dandy town Hornets
Detre BELL – Unattached
Justin BELL – Robin Hood
Eusebio BLANKENDAL – Dandy Town Hornets
Milan BUTTERFIELD – Chesterfield
Willie CLEMONS – unattached
Remy CODDINGTON – West Ham United
Kane CRICHLOW – Watford
Justin DONAWA – Sullihull Moors
Liam EVANS – Robin Hood
Dale EVE – Spennymoor
Azende FURBERT – Dandy Town Hornets
Jahkari FURBERT – Wakefield
Kole HALL – Radcliffe
Tazeiko HARRIS – Somerset Trojans
Jahquil HILL – Robin Hood
Quinaceo HUNT - Billingham Synthonia
Richard JONES – Devonshire Colts
Zakiyah LEE – PHC Zebras
Dante LEVEROCK – Robin Hood
Zeiko LEWIS – Charleston Battery
Caleb MCDOWALL X-Road’s
Edry MOORE – Dandy Town Hornets
Jordan OUTERBRIDGE – Hamilton Parish
Cecoy ROBINSON – Dandy Town Hornets
Luke ROBINSON – Unattached
Enrique RUSSELL – PHC Zebras
Knory SCOTT – Hastings United
Lejuan SIMMONS – Devonshire Cougars
Jonte SMITH – Woking
Rahzir SMITH-JONES – Devonshire Colts
London STEEDE-JACKSON – Robin Hood
Reggie THOMPSON-LAMBE - Stowmarket Town
Trey TUCKER – Devonshire Cougars
Daren USHER – PHC Zebras
Nahki WELLS – Bristol City
Friday, June 18, 2021
Funds Presented To Clubs & Organisations

Premier David Burt, presented cheques to ten local community clubs, totalling $223,000, to assist with essential upgrades to their facilities, purchase of new equipment and support of youth programmes.

Seven of the local clubs received $161,000 in Capital Development grants to assist with upgrades to their facilities.

Additionally, $62,000 was awarded to five local clubs from the Confiscated Assets Fund to support youth programmes. The initiative is in keeping with the Government's commitment to supporting the community efforts of local organizations and supporting projects which get Bermudians back to work.

Joining Premier Burt for the cheque presentations were Minister of Social Development and Seniors Tinee Furbert, Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Dr. Ernest Peets, Speaker of the House Dennis Lister, Jache Adams, Ianthia Simmons-Wade, Zane Desilva, and Michael Weeks.

Premier Burt said, "In the 2021/22 budget, funding for capital development was set aside for community clubs to assist in the upgrade of their facilities as it was in the previous budget year. Funds were also made available again from the Confiscated Assets Fund to support youth programmes. The Government encouraged clubs to apply and set out what they needed to continue doing essential work in their communities."

"Today, on behalf of the Government and people of Bermuda, it is my pleasure to sow into these ten local community and sports clubs from across our island so they can continue their work and expand their service to our communities beyond the pandemic."

"The Government believes it is essential to extend our support to these deserving organizations, who play an invaluable role in our country and are cornerstones of community and culture. The impact of the pandemic forced many clubs to suspend their community outreach programmes, while limited funds hindered much-needed improvements to their facilities. However, as we move beyond the pandemic, the financial resources awarded today will support youth programmes, assist clubs in upgrading their facilities, and purchasing new equipment while also getting more Bermudians back to work."

• Warwick Workman's Club awarded $37,500. The Club was awarded a grant of $25,000 to assist with upgrades to their restroom facilities. They were also awarded $12,500 from the Confiscated Assets Fund to support their youth programme.

• X-Roads awarded $23,500. The Club was awarded a grant of $11,000 to help with the installation of a new perimeter fence. They were also awarded $12,500 from the Confiscated Assets Fund to support their youth programme.

• Southampton Rangers awarded $25,000 to assist with renovations, new fencing, seating and maintenance. This is in addition to $10,000 they were awarded as a Capital Development Grant in September 2020 for the purchasing of new windows, and these new additional funds will assist with installation.

• Bailey's Bay Cricket Club and the Bermuda Cricket Board were jointly awarded $25,000 to assist with upgrades to Bailey's Bay Cricket Club's facilities in order to meet the international requirements to host matches and training for Bermuda National Cricket Team.

• Willow Cuts was awarded $25,000 to assist with upgrades to the facilities at their field.

• Somerset Cricket Club was awarded $12,500 from the Confiscated Assets Fund to support their youth programme. Somerset Cricket club was previously awarded a Capital Development Grant of $42,000 to assist with upgrades to upper-level flooring in their clubhouse.

• St. George's Cricket Club was awarded $12,500 from the Confiscated Assets Fund to support their youth programme. St. George's Cricket Club was previously awarded a Capital Development Grant of $50,000 from the Government in December 2020.
Thursday, June 17, 2021
Conyers Competes on Tour of Americas Dairyland

Caitlin Conyers began competing on the Tour of Americas Dairyland in the 2021 ToAD - D2 Criterium in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Competing in the Women Pro-1-2 Class, Conyers finished 25th representing Winners Edge.

Conyers would clock a time of 1:19.08. Emily Ehrlich clocked a winning time of 1:17:47.
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