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Monday, June 12, 2017
Bermuda Sailing Red Bull Youth America's Cup Day 1

The Red Bull Youth America's Cup got underway in the Great Sound, with Land Rover BAR Academy winning the first race of the Qualifiers.

Team BDA 2017 finished 4th, in the first race, Spanish Impulse Team finished second, with Next Generation USA rounding out the top three finishers.

NZL Sailing Team won the second race of the day, followed by Spanish Impulse and Team BDA 2017.

The final race of the first day of the 2017 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup was dominated initially by a fight at the head of the pack between Land Rover BAR Academy and TeamBDA. The Bermudians were then joined by NZL Sailing Team as the British team moved off into the distance but TeamBDA did not lose their focus, sailing brilliantly against the experienced British and New Zealand teams and finally finishing second.

At the end of day one it is the British team Land Rover BAR Academy in first place in the first set of qualifiers, followed by Spanish Impulse by Iberostar, then TeamBDA, much to the delight of the vocal home crowd, with NZL Sailing Team fourth, Next Generation USA fifth and Candidate Sailing Team sixth.


Pool B Race 1:

1. Land Rover BAR Academy (10pts)
2. Spanish Impulse by Iberostar Team (9pts)
3. Next Generation USA (8pts)
4. TeamBDA (7pts)
5. NZL Sailing Team (6pts)
6. Candidate Sailing Team (5pts)

Pool B Race 2:

1. NZL Sailing Team (10pts)
2. Spanish Impulse by Iberostar (9pts)
3. TeamBDA (8pts)
4. Land Rover BAR Academy (7pts)
5. Next Generation USA (6pts)
6. Candidate Sailing Team (5pts)

Pool B Race 3:

1. Land Rover BAR Academy (10pts)
2. TeamBDA (9pts)
3. NZL Sailing Team (8pts)
4. Spanish Impulse by Iberostar (7pts)
5. Candidate Sailing Team (6pts)
6. Next Generation USA (5pts)


1. Land Rover BAR Academy 27pts
2. Spanish Impulse by Iberostar 25pts
3. TeamBDA 24pts
4. NZL Sailing Team 24pts
5. Next Generation USA 19pts
6. Candidate Sailing Team 16pts
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