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Tuesday, March 05, 2019
BBA Fattire Massive Mountain Bike Standings

Following seven days of coverage of Kaden Hopkins over in the Dominican Republic and with the Final Bermuda Bicycle Associationís Fattire Massive Mountain Bike race set to take place this weekend www.islandstats.com brings you the current overall Standings after six race days.

Hans Hirchi leads the Male Open Division with 103 points, Blake Camera is second with 92 points and Brian Steinhoff is third with 90 points.

Ashley Robinson is leading the Womenís Open Division with 122 points, while Caitlyn Conyers is second with 22 points having competed in only one race.

The Male Novice Division is being led by Manning Smith with 128 points, Sherman Darrell is second with 120 points and with 106 points Matthew Ringer is third.

Cameron Morris is leading the 13-16 Age Group Division with 140 points, while Moses Johnson is second with 135 points, Blake Oliviera and Kyran Baptiste-Jones is tied third with 107 points.

Zina Jones leads the Female Novice Division with 136 points, Jen Wilson is second with 75 points and Jessica Gibbons is third with 62 points.

The 12 and Under Division is being led by Harris Fleming with 116 points, Marc Piney is second with 93 points and Zariah Outerbridge is third with 80 points.

Male Open

103 Hans Hirschi

92 Blake Camera
90 Brian Steinhoff
81 Liam Flannery
72 Dennis Fagundo
72 Adam Kirk
69 Janai Robinson
67 Alan Potts
58 Alexander Miller
53 James Holloway
52 David Byrne
52 Chris Roque
49 Chris Nusum
49 Christopher Smith
33 Thomas Harcombe
32 Deshi Smith
31 Rhys Pearce
29 Kieran Malott
25 Nicholas Narraway
25 Dominique Mayo
24 Peter Tadman
24 Tommy Marshall
24 Kieran Malott
23 Ceasar Oliviera
23 Garth Fleming
23 Chequan Richardson
22 Jeff Currie
20 Justin Frank
16 McQuinn Burch
14 Geoff Smith
13 Wendell Burrows
13 Freddie Phillips
12 Duncan Simons
11 Shawn Dickinson
10 Ricky Souza
09 Stephen Muso
07 Nathan Trott
06 Kent Richardson
02 Shane Lavis
02 Aaron Fenn
02 Tom Steinhoff
02 Jason Thomas
01 Peter Tadman
01 Charles Dunstan
01 Shane Moura
01 Chris Osbourne
01 Peter Dunne
01 Alexander Southern
00 Laurence Noble

Female Open

122 Ashley Robinson

22 Caitlyn Conyers

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