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Sunday, September 25, 2016
Bermuda National Open Water Championships

Washington, Heyliger & Marshall
The Bermuda Amateur Swimming Associations hosted the Bermuda National Open Water Championships at Turtle Bay on Southside.

Erik Soria and Eileen Mullowney were crowned the Male and Female 5K Champions, while Jesse Washington and Rebecca Heyliger were crowned the Male and Female 1500m Champions. Daniel Kunst and Chelsea Lomas are the 2016 Male and Female 400m Champions.

Soria who finished second in 2015 won the 5K title with a time of 1:08:10, Ilya Cherapau who placed second in 2015 was also one better this time around clocking a time of 1:11:24, Mullowney was third overall stopping the clock in 1:14:34.

Washington defended his title in the 1500M race with a time of 20:19. Former world record holder in the 50-meter Backstroke and 100-meter Backstroke, American Peter Marshall finished second with a time of 21:22, while Heyliger was third overall in a time of 21:52.

Kunst won the 400M swim with a time of 6:26, Harlan Watson-Brown was second in a time of 6:37 and Flynn Watson-Brown finished in third place in a time of 6:51. Lomas was fourth across the line with a time of 6:52.

Bermuda National Open Water Championships 5K Results

1:08:10 Erik Soria

1:11:24 Ilya Cherapau
1:14:34 Eileen Mullowney
1:14:38 Mike Cash
1:17:20 Nick Rowse
1:18:57 Jack Harvey
1:19:47 Kiera Aitken
1:23:27 Paul Deguilio
1:25:43 Alyson Scherer
1:28:41 Dimitri Haas
1:32:58 David Norman
1:33:28 Guy Kelly
1:35:01 Marc Fullerton
1:41:09 Aaron Garcia
1:41:09 Raquel Loureiro
1:41:11 Ryne Cash
1:41:34 Polly Gough
1:47:34 Emily Birrell
1:49:23 Gillian Fagan

Bermuda National Open Water Championships 1500M Results

20:19 Jesse Washington

21:22 Peter Marshall
21:52 Rebecca Heyliger
22:03 Brian Desmond
23:00 Sam Williamson
23:03 Skyler Powell
23:54 Lynsey Palmer
23:58 Nicholas Pilgrim
23:58 Logan Watson-Brown
24:00 Paul Viney
24:18 Taylor White
24:47 Caleb Ingham
25:39 Belinda Castree
25:57 Gerhard Boonstra
26:55 Lindsay Scherer
28:32 Caroline Wright
29:43 Ben Wright
30:04 Richard Hammond
30:09 Kevin Tucker
31:18 Christine Soutter
31:19 Elizabeth Harris
31:37 Duncan Scott
32:20 Ally Roberts
32:23 Matthew Viney
32:54 Steve O'Reilly
32:54 Laura Bolton
33:13 Elizabeth Stewart
33:39 Raphael Simons
33:52 Christopher Smith
34:19 Liana Medeiros
34:37 Tammy Ingham
36:08 Teru Shimbara
37:04 Trish Rowse
37:11 Charmaine Smith
38:16 Martin Bolton
43:34 Judy Roche
45:40 Otis Ingham

Bermuda National Open Water Championships 400M Results

6:26 Daniel Kunst

6:37 Harlan Watson-Brown
6:51 Flynn Watson-Brown
6:52 Chelsea Lomas
6:58 Daria Desmond
7:14 Chloe Castree
7:50 Chuck Scherer
8:30 Manning Smith
8:33 Wenda Roberts
8:35 Katya Williamson
8:56 Florence Brown
9:10 Colleen Scherer
9:11 Zoey Roberts
9:15 Gordon Smith
11:01 Earlena Ingham
11:36 Josh Ball
11:54 Gary Joel
12:23 Joanne Medeiros
12:36 Eddie Fisher
13:33 Kailie Matthews
13:35 Joel Matthews

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