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Tuesday, February 04, 2020
Bermuda Karting Club Current Standings

The Bermuda Karting Clubís season is well underway, and today we take a look at the Current Standings in each Class.

Jason North leads the LO206 Senior Class with 541 points, while Scott Barnes is in second with 463 points and David Barbosa is third with 449 points.

The TAG Junior Class is being led by Jorja Thomas who has 489 points, while Jaden Malpas is in second with 365 points and with 318 points Jauza James is in third.

473 points sees Stephen Corrado leading the TAG Senior Class, with Richard Walker-Talbot in second with 383 points and Bilal Binns is in third with 360.

The LO206 Masters Class leader is Travis Leiwis with 507 points, while Robert Wheatley is in second with 417 points and Patrick Stamper is in third with 217 points.

Ryan Rebello leads the 125 Shifter Class with 301 points, while Scott Barnes is in second with 103 points.

LO206 Senior Class

541 - Jason North

463 Scott Barnes
449 David Barbosa
440 Stephen Corrado
399 Justin Lindo
384 John Carreiro Jr.
365 Rian Lindo
311 Brandon DeSilva
266 Max Correia
187 Owen DeCosta
119 James Wheldon
119 Ed Cook
80 Corey Lewis

TAG Junior Class

489 Jorja Thomas

365 Jaden Malpas
318 Jauza James
197 Nathan DeCosta
175 Jayden Brimmer
64 Nile Bean

TAG Senior Class

473 Stephen Corrado

383 Richard Walker-Talbot
360 Bilal Binns
106 Scott Barnes

LO206 Masters Class

507 Travis Lewis

417 Robert Wheatley
217 Patrick Stamper
126 Kenneth Harrison
77 Michael Smith

125 Shifter Class

301 Ryan Rebello

103 Scott Barnes
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