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Thursday, May 21, 2020
RHADC Virtual Regatta Race Day Six

The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club’s Virtual Regatta came to an end with race Day six, a total of four races were sailed taking the total to 23 races in the series.

The Fleets split up into Gold, Silver and Bronze groups.

Mickey Wollmann won the Gold Fleet with a Net score of 32 Points, this after winning 9 of the 23 races, Sebastian Kempe finished in the second place spot with 46 Net Points and Somers Kempe was third with 49 Net Points.

Alex Adelsberg won the Silver Fleet with 104 Net Points, Anthony Smith was second with 105 Net Points and rounding out the top three places in the Fleet was Peter Dill with 112 Net Points.

Paul Wollmann won the Bronze Fleet with 136 Net Points, while Quinton Simons was second with 158 Net Points, Thomas Penruddocke and Dale Brangman finished level on points in third with 184 Net Points.

Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club’s Virtual Regatta Leaderboard After 23 Races

Gold Fleet

32 Mikey Wollmann

46 Sebastian Kempe
49 Somers Kempe
59 Kipling Rossouw
77 Adriana Penruddocke
86 James Amaral
88 Chase Cooper
89 Nico Stefani
96 Maxwell Curtis
96 Adam Barboza
96 Ceci Wollmann
105 Somers Cooper
121 Ethan Thompson
124 Peter Backeberg
128 Craig Davis
148 Sam Wright

Silver Fleet

104 Alex Adelsberg

105 Anthony Smith
112 Peter Dill
125 Chris Powell
126 Maria Acerenza
135 Ellie Wollmann
135 Matt Roche
137 Roger Beach
153 Jerry Burnham
158 John Nicholls
161 Richard Grainger
166 Greg
168 Patrick Cooper
177 Julia Lines
191 Tre Joinville
214 Ben Redburn

Bronze Fleet

136 Paul Wollmann

158 Quinton Simons
184 Thomas Penruddocke
184 Dale Brangman
186 Zaniko Hendrickson
186 Kalin Hillier
198 James Morgan
203 Stefan Maybury
208 Rory Caslin
219 Sarah Davis
228 Kelsey Durham
236 Craig Scott
238 Simon Thompson
239 Andrew Butterworth
254 Adam Larson
286 Neil Redburn
299 Will Lorimer-Turner
301 Jack Adderley
303 Eyal Yussim
309 Jason Saints
342 Ja'Cal Washington
364 Isaac Wickramage
372 Ciarra Wells
386 Jordan Saints
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