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Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Bermuda Sailors Continue Competing in Thailand
Three races in medium wind saw some shuffling of positions on the leaderboard at the Optimist World Championship 2017, the top of the pack distinguishing themselves, although final results could still change with three more races hoped for on Thursday in slightly windier conditions.

The Bermuda team is being led by Rian Geraghty-McDonnell Green who has 252 Net Points is currently holding the 16th place in the Red Flight, while Sebastian Kempe is in 34th with 285 Net Points.

Jordan Etemadi is in 38th with 296 Net Points, with Christian Ebbin in 44th with 310 Net Points.

Jack Hildebrand is 40th competing in the Green Flight with 383 Net Points.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Bermuda Wednesday Night Sailing
The Wednesday Night Sailing Series continued in the Hamilton Harbor were 27 boats went to the start line for the latest racing.

Crossfire was the first bat to cross the line, they clocked a time of 1:07.19, their corrected time of 1:13.50 saw them finish 4th overall, Airforce was the next boat to cross the line that were clocked at 1:16.24 and with their corrected time of 1:11:38 saw them finish 1st overall.

Finishing second in a corrected time of 1:12.53 was Smokin who crossed the line in a time of 1:18.50. Solna II was third on the night with a corrected time of 1:13.40 and Peppercorn rounded out the top five finishers on the night with a corrected time of 1:13.51.

Wednesday Night Sailing Series 2 Race 6

1:11:38 Airforce

1:12:53 Smokin
1:13:40 Solna II
1:13:50 Crossfire
1:13:51 Peppercorn
1:14:06 Mayhem
1:14:46 Chequemate
1:14:56 Celerity
1:15:09 Passion
1:15:57 Privateer
1:16:18 Back in Black
1:16:28 Thrash
1:16:44 Lix
1:17:01 Vixen
1:17:09 New Wave
1:17:20 Shogun
1:17:40 Solaise
1;17;57 Elusive
1:18:36 Reckless
1:19:27 Impulse
1:21:46 Erin
1:22:04 Cyclone
1:24:28 Blitz
1:24:30 Roberta
1:24:47 Gumpshon
1:34:59 Severn
DNF Merrimist
Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Post Storm Calm Stalls Sailing Series

The second half of the individual series of the Optimist World Championship 20217 was abandoned after a midday rainstorm followed by a fruitless four hour wait on the water for wind to return. Most participants accepted the situation as out of the race committee’s control, but, in retrospect, wished they had waited just a little bit longer to call it a day.

“Full credit to the race team for giving it a go,” said New Zealand’s team leader Susannah Pyatt, happy the race committee at least tried to deliver.

“I think it was a good call the race committee postponed the launch, keeping us onshore until after the storm passed,” said USA coach Lior Lavie. “Then we had no wind, but we went out and waited and waited. The race committee made a good decision to send us in because another storm was supposed to come. Unfortunately, after abandoning the races, the wind picked up and the storm did not show, but this was not something anyone can control.”

Croatian coach Tina Mihelic was a bit more wistful. “It is what they decided. We didn’t have any races today, but I think the coaches are not so happy because after we returned to shore, there was nice wind and we could have done at least one race,” she said.

Local Race Officer Neil Dunkley said it is one of the risks in a sport that relies on nature to deliver. “If there is wind, we go racing. If there is no wind, we can’t go racing. It’s that simple.”

Sailors seemed to enjoy the chance to get to know each other better onshore and were accepting of the situation at sea.

As Russian sailor Roman Lutsenko put it. “It happens. And we are happy, because there was no wind.” Slovakian sailor Alex Malina simply said, “I want wind.” Another sailor joked that he fell asleep in his boat.
Sunday, July 16, 2017
Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Racing Round Up

The 2017 Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Racing Season continued in Granaway Deep with the Royal Hamilton Amatuer Dinghy Club hosting three races.

Elizabeth II skippered by Jason Saints out of the host club won the RHADC Cup, with Owen Siese sailing Challenger II out of the Sandys Boat Club second. Damion Payne sailed the St. George’s Dinghy and Sports Club’s Victory IV into third, while Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s Contest III skippered by Julia Lines withdrew.


1.Elizabeth II

2.Challenger II
3.Victory IV
4.Contest III - Withdrew

Whitney Cup

1.Contest III

2.Elizabeth II
Victory IV - Sunk
Challenger II - Withdrew

Trott Cup

1.Elizabeth II

2.Contest III

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Bermuda Sailors Continue Competing in Thailand

Rian Geraghty-McDonnell in Action
Youth sailors including five representing Bermuda taking part in the Optimist World Championship 2017 enjoyed the perfect ending to a three day series of individual qualifying races on Saturday, the wind and waves providing one last final test before fleet splits separated sailors based on rankings.

Having proved themselves in both light wind and high wind, the regatta’s top sailors had to demonstrate their mastery of big swell, choppy waves, a strong current, a significant change in wind direction, and tricky wind shifts to ensure places in the gold fleet, from which a new world champion will be named next week.

The Bermuda team is still being led by Christian Ebbin even after he fell from his starting position of 117th to ended the day 164th with 173 Net Points.

Sebastian Kempe has 174 Net Points is currently holding the 166th place, while Rian Geraghty-McDonnell is in 170th with 174 Net Points.

Jordan Etemadi is in 209th with 223 Net Points and Jack Hildebrand is 248th with 271 Net Points.

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