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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Wednesday Night Sailing Series Update

There was hope when Bermuda moved into Phase 2 of the reopening from the pandemic that the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club’s (RHADC) Wednesday Night Sailing Racing series would get underway.

However the RHADC Sailing Committee has been discussing Wednesday Night Racing and when would be prudent to begin.

A spokesperson said, “We appreciate that like ourselves many are keen to be back on the water racing however, we do not believe now is the right time to resume racing. Among other things, the reality of social distancing on a boat and the 7pm curfew for boating activities makes Wednesday Night Racing currently impractical.

We intend to announce a resumption of WNR with a 2 week warning to allow for teams to get their logistics and boats organized.

Hopefully, there will continue to be no community spread of COVID-19 and life will begin to return to some sense of normality.”
Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Cooper to Captain St Mary's College of Maryland

SMC 2020-21 Captains
St. Mary’s College Of Maryland Sailing have announced their 2020-21 captains.

The team will be led by three Seniors, one of them is Chase Cooper.

Cooper was recently named an All-Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association (MAISA) Second Team Coed Skipper.

Standouts for Cooper include competing in National Championships, and winning the Conference Championships.
Thursday, May 21, 2020
RHADC Virtual Regatta Race Day Six

The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club’s Virtual Regatta came to an end with race Day six, a total of four races were sailed taking the total to 23 races in the series.

The Fleets split up into Gold, Silver and Bronze groups.

Mickey Wollmann won the Gold Fleet with a Net score of 32 Points, this after winning 9 of the 23 races, Sebastian Kempe finished in the second place spot with 46 Net Points and Somers Kempe was third with 49 Net Points.

Alex Adelsberg won the Silver Fleet with 104 Net Points, Anthony Smith was second with 105 Net Points and rounding out the top three places in the Fleet was Peter Dill with 112 Net Points.

Paul Wollmann won the Bronze Fleet with 136 Net Points, while Quinton Simons was second with 158 Net Points, Thomas Penruddocke and Dale Brangman finished level on points in third with 184 Net Points.

Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club’s Virtual Regatta Leaderboard After 23 Races

Gold Fleet

32 Mikey Wollmann

46 Sebastian Kempe
49 Somers Kempe
59 Kipling Rossouw
77 Adriana Penruddocke
86 James Amaral
88 Chase Cooper
89 Nico Stefani
96 Maxwell Curtis
96 Adam Barboza
96 Ceci Wollmann
105 Somers Cooper
121 Ethan Thompson
124 Peter Backeberg
128 Craig Davis
148 Sam Wright

Silver Fleet

104 Alex Adelsberg

105 Anthony Smith
112 Peter Dill
125 Chris Powell
126 Maria Acerenza
135 Ellie Wollmann
135 Matt Roche
137 Roger Beach
153 Jerry Burnham
158 John Nicholls
161 Richard Grainger
166 Greg
168 Patrick Cooper
177 Julia Lines
191 Tre Joinville
214 Ben Redburn

Bronze Fleet

136 Paul Wollmann

158 Quinton Simons
184 Thomas Penruddocke
184 Dale Brangman
186 Zaniko Hendrickson
186 Kalin Hillier
198 James Morgan
203 Stefan Maybury
208 Rory Caslin
219 Sarah Davis
228 Kelsey Durham
236 Craig Scott
238 Simon Thompson
239 Andrew Butterworth
254 Adam Larson
286 Neil Redburn
299 Will Lorimer-Turner
301 Jack Adderley
303 Eyal Yussim
309 Jason Saints
342 Ja'Cal Washington
364 Isaac Wickramage
372 Ciarra Wells
386 Jordan Saints
Friday, May 15, 2020
Bermuda Gold Cup Announce October Dates

When the calendar turned January 1st, 2020, organizers for the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s Bermuda Gold Cup Match Racing Regatta were eyeing this week, the 19th week of 2020, as a celebration of the storied regatta.

This week was to be the week that the 70th Regatta for the Bermuda Gold Cup, an event of the World Match Racing Tour, was held. A dynamite lineup that included past champions, world champions and World No. 1-ranked skippers was secure and racing on Hamilton Harbour in May is one of the more idyllic settings the sailors could enjoy. It was going to be a week worth remembering.

Then the calendar rolled into mid-March and the western hemisphere came to a grinding halt due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Social distancing is the primary means to tamp out spreading of the highly infectious disease and the Bermuda government banned all foreign travel to the island on March 20th.

Now, as Bermuda begins Phase 1 of its reopening protocol, the promise of International One-Design (IOD) sloops battling bow-to-bow has been rescheduled to October 25th-30th. With a dash of luck, the 70th Bermuda Gold Cup, presented by Argo Group for the benefit of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS), will still occur this year.

“The Gold Cup has a history of surviving through hurricanes, but this is probably the most fluid and uncertain situation we’ve ever had to contend with,” said Leatrice Oatley, the regatta chairperson and a Past Commodore of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. “The coronavirus is unlike anything the world has ever seen and its effects are startling. We’re planning to hold the 70th Gold Cup in October, but there are a number of obstacles still to overcome. We certainly hope they’ll all be met and we’ll enjoy close racing come October.”

The Bermuda government has outlined four phases for reopening the country, each lasting approximately two weeks. The current Phase 1 allows for limited business. Phase 2 provides for an expansion of services, Phase 3 a move towards normalcy and Phase 4 normalcy. The final phase is the most important as it allows for the reopening of Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport.

“Given the time frame of each phase, we probably won’t know what travel will look like until late June,” Oatley said. “So, although we’re still in a holding pattern, we are eager to welcome all to our beautiful Bermuda blue halo for the 70th Gold Cup in October,” Oatley said.

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club wishes continued safe passage to all navigating their way through the pandemic.
Thursday, May 14, 2020
RHADC Virtual Regatta Race Day Five

The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club’s Virtual Regatta continued with race Day Five, a total of four races were sailed taking the total to 19 races in the series thus far.

Mickey Wollmann continues to lead with a Net score of 26 Points, this after winning 8 of the 19 races, he also has 5 second place finishes. Wollmann won three races and had a second place finish on the night.

Sebastian Kempe is holding down the second place spot with 31 Net Points. Somers Kempe in third with 36 Net Points, Kipling Rossouw is fourth with 52 points and Adriana Penruddocke rounds out the top five places with 60 Net Points.

James Amaral is 6th with 61 Net Points, while Nico Stefani is in 7th with 66 Net Points, Adam Barboza is currently in 8th with 72 Net Points. Ceci Wollmann is 9th with 74 Net Points and rounding out the top ten is Chase Cooper with 82 Net Points.

Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club’s Virtual Regatta Leaderboard After 19 Races

26 Mikey Wollmann

31 Sebastian Kempe
36 Somers Kempe
52 Kipling Rossouw
60 Adriana Penruddocke
61 James Amaral
66 Nico Stefani
72 Adam Barboza
74 Ceci Wollmann
82 Chase Cooper
84 Somers Cooper
85 Ethan Thompson
90 Sam Wright
92 Peter Backeberg
97 Maxwell Curtis
101 Craig Davis
101 Anthony Smith
103 Alex Adelsberg
103 Peter Dill
110 Matt Roche
114 Ellie Wollmann
115 Maria Acerenza
118 Chris Powell
122 Tre Joinville
123 Julia Lines
1302 Paul Wollmann
131 Jerry Burnham
136 Roger Beach
137 John Nicholls
137 Greg
145 Richard Grainger
145 Ben Redburn
150 Patrick Cooper
157 Stefan Maybury
159 Kalin Hillier
170 Quinton Simons
179 Thomas Penruddocke
182 Kelsey Durham
186 Zaniko Hendrickson
192 Sarah Davis
193 Andrew Butterworth
194 Dale Brangman
200 Rory Caslin
205 Simon Thompson
207 James Morgan
208 Adam Larson
236 Craig Scott
240 Neil Redburn
253 Will Lorimer-Turner
255 Jack Adderley
257 Eyal Yussim
263 Jason Saints
296 Ja'Cal Washington
318 Isaac Wickramage
326 Ciarra Wells
340 Jordan Saints
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