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Monday, May 20, 2019
Bermuda Cricket Weekend Top Performers

Malachi Jones
The Bermuda Cricket Board’s Premier and First Division Cricket season resumed and the Central County Cup produced a total of 2,578 runs over 7 matches. www.islandstats.com brings you the top players both in Bermuda and abroad of the weekend from results obtained on the day of matches played.

The highest score of the weekend for a team was 339/9 Tuff Dogs put on the board against Western Stars in their Central County Cup battle.

Derrick Brangman from the Tuff Dogs was the top scorer with a knock of 125 against Western stars, Jordan DeSilva also from Tuff Dogs was the second highest scorer with 104 in the same match. Dean Stephens from Cleveland County and Kwasi James from Willow Cuts, both scored 100, with Stephens Not Out.

With figures of 11-4-16-6 Kamau Leverock from Caythorpe Cricket Club led the Bowling Department, while Malachi Jones from Southampton Rangers had the second best figures of 9-1-28-5, Seth Campbell from Western Stars had third best figures of 10-0-57-5.

Batting Department

125 Derrick Brangman – Tuff Dogs

104 Jordan DeSilva – Tuff Dogs
100* Dean Stephens – Cleveland County
100 Kwasi James – Willow Cuts
..82 Tarik Jennings - Devonshire Recreation Club
..68 Reginald Baker – Flatt’s Victoria
.. 67 Jordan DeSilva – Somerset Cricket Club
..60 Rodney Trott – Bailey’s Bay
..58 Khiry Furbert - Western Stars
..57 Seth Campbell – Western Stars
..53 Malachi Jones – Southampton Rangers
..51 Clay Darrell – Warwick Workmen’s


11.-4-16-6 Kamau Leverock - Caythorpe Cricket Club

9.0-1-28-5 Malachi Jones – Southampton Rangers
10.-0-57-5 Seth Campbell – Western Stars
7.0-1-19-4 Isaiah Richardson - Somerset Cricket Club
10.-1-31-4 Justin Pitcher - St. David’s Cricket Club
8.0-0-57-4 Derrick Brangman – Tuff Dogs
8.0-2-37-3 Dennis Musson Jr. – Cleveland County
10.-2-18-3 Justin Robinson - Western Stars
10.-2-37-3 Regino Smith - Flatt’s Victoria
10.-0-39-3 Detroy Smith - St. George’s Cricket Club
10.-1-44-3 Delray Rawlins – Sussex Seconds
10.-1-46-3 Jermaine Usher - Bailey’s Bay
10.-0-65-3 Denar Johnson - Devonshire Recreation Club
7.0-0-84-3 Swayne Campbell – Western Stars
Monday, May 20, 2019
Leverock & Nottinghamshire Fall in Second XI Trophy

Kamau Leverock and his Nottinghamshire Second XI teammates went down by 32 runs in their Second XI Trophy North Group match against Durham Second XI.

Durham Second XI batted first and scored 276/8 in their allotted 50 overs, Stuart Poynter was the top scorer with a knock of 71, Mark Footitt was the pick of the Nottinghamshire bowlers with figures of 10-2-49-2, while Leverock bowled 9-0-64-2.

In reply Nottinghamshire were bowled out for 244, Chris Gibson was the top scorer with 54, Leverock was out for 6, Nathan Rimmington was the pick of the Durham bowlers with figures of 8.3-2-36-3.

Durham Seconds Inning

..36 (57) CT Steel c Budinger b Evison
..04 (07) G Clark c Budinger b Kamau Leverock
..01 (02) TA Jagot b Kamau Leverock
..60 (101) SJD Bell c Hall b Footitt
..71 (50) SW Poynter c Budinger b James
..19 (16) WJ Weighell c Budinger b Cook
..07 (11) L Doneathy Run Out
..05 (08) J Coughlin c Gibson b Footitt
..47 (30) MJ Potts Not Out
..12 (19) GHI Harding Not Out
..14 Extras (1lb-9w-4nb)
276 Total for 8 Wickets after 50 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-6 (Clark), 2-12 (Jagot), 3-86 (Steel), 4-185 (Bell), 5-185 (Poynter), 6-195 (Doneathy), 7-214 (Weighell), 8-217 (Coughlin)

Nottinghamshire Bowlers

10.-2-49-2 MHA Footitt
9.0-0-64-2 Kamau Leverock
7.0-0-45-1 LW James
7.0-0-18-1 JDM Evison
7.0-0-43-0 LA Patterson-White
10.-0-56-1 JD Cook

Nottinghamshire Inning

..02 (03) LW James b Coughlin
..11 (20) LA Patterson-White c Poynter b Coughlin
..30 (33) SG Budinger c Potts b Weighell
..54 (85) CF Gibson c Weighell b Potts
..01 (10) JDM Evison c Poynter b Rimmington
..48 (59) B Bullimore LBW Harding
..11 (22) JD Cook b Rimmington
..35 (39) JT Schadendorf b Rimmington
..06 (04) Kamau Leverock b Harding
..25 (14) SJW Hall c Clark b Coughlin
..03 (08) MHA Footitt Not Out
..18 Extras (6lb-12w)
244 Total All Out after 49.3 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-2 (James), 2-49 (Patterson-White), 3-52 (Budinger), 4-59 (Evison), 5-159 (Bullimore), 6-167 (Gibson), 7-178 (Cook), 8-185 (Leverock), 9-226 (Hall), 10-244 (Schadendorf)

Durham Seconds Bowlers

10.-1-44-3 J Coughlin
8.0-0-44-1 MJ Potts
9.0-1-40-1 WJ Weighell
8.3-2-36-3 NJ Rimmington
4.0-0-31-0 L Doneathy
10.-0-43-2 GHI Harding
Sunday, May 19, 2019
BCB Premier & First Division Round Up

Action from Lord's in St. David's

Southampton Rangers Win by 18 Runs

St. David’s Cricket Club 108 Southampton Rangers 126

At Lord’s in St. David’s, Southampton Rangers picked up an 18 run victory over St. David’s Cricket Club. Malachi Jones was the top scorer for Southampton Rangers as they were bowled out for 126, Jones scored 53, Justin Pitcher was the pick of the St. David’s Cricket Club bowlers with figures of 10-1-31-4.

In reply St. David’s Cricket Club would be bowled out for 108, Lionel Cann was the top scorer with 33, while Jones returned figures of 9-1-28-5.

Bailey’s Bay Win by 5 Wickets

Bailey’s Bay 188/5 St. George’s Cricket Club 186/7

At the Sea Breeze Oval, Bailey’s Bay picked up a 5 wicket victory over the St. George’s Cricket Club, batting first the St. George’s Cricket Club would score 186/7 in their allotted 50 overs, Misheal Paynter was the top scorer with 38, Jermaine Usher was the pick of the Bailey’s Bay bowlers with figures of 10-1-46-3.

In reply Bailey’s Bay would score 188/5, Rodney Trott was the top scorer with 60, while Detroy Smith was the pick of the St. George’s Cricket Club bowlers with figures of 10-0-39-3.

Cleveland County Win by 3 Wickets

Cleveland County 208/7 Flatt’s Victoria 207

At the Wellington Oval, Flatt’s Victoria batted first and would be bowled out for 207, Reginald Baker was the top scorer with 68, Dennis Musson Jr. was the pick of the Cleveland County bowlers with figures of 8-2-24-4.

In reply Cleveland County would core 208/7, Dean Stephens led them to victory scoring 100 not out, hitting 14 fours and 2 sixes, Regino Smith was the pick of the Flatt’s Victoria bowlers with figures of 10-2-37-3.


Western Stars Win by 6 Wickets

Somerset Bridge 107 Western Stars 111/4

Somerset Bridge batted first at the White Hill Field and were bowled out for 107, two batsmen Donnie Charles and Jason Smith scored 19 runs, Justin Robinson was the pick of the Western Stars bowlers with figures of 10-2-18-3.

In reply Khiry Furbert scored 58 runs to lead Western Stars to a 6 wicket victory, Cory Burgess was the pick of the Somerset Bridge bowlers with figures of 5-0-18-2.

Willow Cuts Win by 75 runs

Willow Cuts 276/9 Devonshire Recreation Club 201

At the Somerset Cricket Club, Willow Cuts batted first and scored 276/9 in their allotted overs, Kwasi James continues his impressive start to the season with a knock of 100, hitting 10 fours and 2 sixes, Denar Johnson was the pick of the Devonshire Recreation Club bowlers with figures of 10-0-65-3.

In reply Tarik Jennings would score 82, but Devonshire Recreation Club could only manage 201 to fall by 75 runs, Joseph Basden returned figures of 2.3-0-8-2.

Somerset Cricket Club Win by 6 Wickets

Warwick Workmen’s 146 Somerset Cricket Club 147/4

At the Southampton Oval, Somerset Cricket Club picked up a 6 wicket victory over Warwick Workmen’s Club. Warwick batted first and were bowled out for 146, Clay Darrell was the top scorer with 51, while Isaiah Richardson was the pick of the Somerset Cricket Club bowlers with figures of 7-1-19-4.

In reply Jordan DeSilva continued his fine form with the bat over the weekend scoring 67 not out helping Somerset Cricket Club score 147/4, Stefan Dill was the pick of the Warwick Workmen’s bowlers with figures of 3-0-11-1.

Saturday, May 18, 2019
Central County Cup 2019 First Round

DeSilva & Brangman Shared a Big Stand
Tuff Dogs Retain the Central County Cup

Tuff Dogs Win by 111 Runs

Tuff Dogs 339/9 Western Stars 228

Evening League team and Central County Cup Holders Tuff Dogs, retained the Central County Cup at the first hurdle defeating Western Stars by 111 runs at the St. John’s Field.

Western Stars won toss and decided to field, the champions would score 339/9 in their allotted 50 overs, guest player Derrick Brangman who shined with both bat and ball was the top scorer with 125, he shared a 200 run 4th wicket partnership with his Somerset Cricket Club Cup Match Captain Jordan DeSilva who was also a guest player he added 104. Seth Campbell was the pick of the Western Stars bowlers with figures of 10-0-57-5, while Swayne Campbell bowled 7-0-84-3.

In reply Western Stars were bowled out for 228, Seth Campbell led them in the batting department scoring 57, Brangman led the Tuff Dogs bowling attack with figures of 8-0-57-4.

Tuff Dogs Inning

..15 McLaren Lowe c Dante Wellman b Nyon Steede
..04 Trevor Corday LBW Seth Campbell
..02 Azeem Khan Run Out
104 Jordan DeSilva c Khiry Furbert b Seth Campbell
125 Derrick Brangman b Seth Campbell
..03 Dumferd Davis b Seth Campbell
..15 Justin Barritt b Swayne Campbell
..27 Dean Minors b Swayne Campbell
..09 Terence Corday c Jayden Manders b Seth Campbell
..16 Monroe Darrell Not Out
..05 Aronld Manders Not Out
..14 Extras (1b-12w-1nb)
339 Total for 9 Wickets after 50 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-10 (Trevor Corday), 2-14 (Khan), 3-44 (Lowe), 4-244 (DeSilva), 5-249 (Davis), 6-270 (Barritt), 7-308 (Minors), 8-308 (Brangman), 9-317 (Terence Corday)

Western Stars Bowlers

10.-0-57-5 Seth Campbell
10.-0-56-1 Nyon Steede
7.0-0-35-0 Jayden Manders
6.0-0-41-0 Dante Wellman
7.0-1-25-0 Brian Hall
7.0-0-84-3 Swayne Campbell
2.0-0-29-0 Khiry Furbert
1.0-0-11-0 Seion Darrell

Western Stars Inning

..11 Swayne Campbell c McLaren Lowe b Arnold Manders
..05 Jayden Manders c McLaren Lowe b Arnold Manders
..33 Ryan Tyrell c Justin Barritt b Terence Corday
..57 Seth Campbell st Dean Minors b Jordan DeSilva
..18 Brain Hall Run Out
..29 Khiry Furbert LBW Derrick Brangman
..34 Seion Darrell LBW Derrick Brangman
..09 Dante Wellman c Trevor Corday b Derrick Brangman
..02 Nyon Steede Run Out
..01 Kyle Wade st Dean Minors b Derrick Brangman
..00 Wayne Campbell Not Out
.29 Extras (5lb-22w-2nb)
228 Total All Out after 37.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-15 (Manders), 2-35 (Swayne Campbell), 3-88 (Tyrell), 4-114 (Hall), 5-197 (Darrell), 6-202 (Furbert), 7-214 (Wellman), 8-225 (Steede), 9-227 (Wade), 10-228 (Seth Campbell)

Western Stars Bowlers

2.0-0-15-0 Dumfred Davis
3.0-0-31-0 Monroe Darrell
10.-0-39-1 Arnold Manders
8.0-0-51-1 Terence Corday
8.0-0-57-4 Derrick Brangman
6.1-1-30-1 Jordan DeSilva

Thursday, May 16, 2019
Rawlins & Sussex Win Big Over MCC Young Cricketers

Sussex Seconds Win by 384 runs

Sussex Seconds 369/8 Declared & 298/5 Declared MCC Young Cricketers 136 & 194

Delray Rawlins and his Sussex Seconds teammates picked up a 384 run victory on the Final Day of their Second XI Championship - South Group match against MCC Young Cricketers.

Sussex Seconds declared with their overnight total of 298/5 a lead of 578 runs.

MCC Young Cricketers were bowled out in their second inning for 194, Rahib Ali was the top scorer with 81, while Will Beer returned figures of 18.4-8-23-5 to lead the Sussex bowling attack. Rawlins returned bowling figures of 2-0-14-0.

MCC Young Cricketers 2nd Inning

..30 (36) BP Erasmus LBW Shaw
..03 (16) SW Mead LBW Haines
..14 (48) SM Imtiaz c Burgess b Sakande
..17 (27) BFW de Leede Run Out
..27 (73) Kashif Ali LBW Beer
..81 (152) Rahib Ali Not Out

..00 (11) IS Sohi b Wells
..00 (11) DT Moriarty c Salt b Beer
..06 (45) TE Jones c Ward b Beer
..01 (15) GL Jackson b Beer
..00 (02) EJB Miles LBW Beer
..15 Extras (9b-6lb)
194 Total All Out after 72.4 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-33 (Erasmus), 2-37 (Mead), 3-66 (de Leede), 4-73 (Imtiaz), 5-115 (Kashif Ali), 6-118 (Sohi), 7-129 (Moriarty), 8-180 (Jones), 9-194 (Jackson), 10-194 (Miles)

Sussex Seconds Bowlers

10.-0-30-1 A Sakande
8.0-1-50-1 JR Shaw
9.0-5-22-1 TJ Haines
21.-7-30-1 LWP Wells
18.4-8-23-5 W Beer
2.0-0-14-0 Delray Rawlins
4.0-0-10-0 DR Briggs
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