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Friday, April 14, 2017
Good Friday Home Event Triathlon Round Up

Karen Smith
The Bermuda Triathlon Association hosted a Good Friday Home Event Triathlon at the Harrington Sound Dock.

Competitors competed on a course of approximately a 700m swim, a 11.5 mile Cycle and a 4.5K run.

Eddie Smith crossed the first with time of 52.49, with Karen Smith winning the female Division with a time of 1:01.29 finishing 5th overall.

Jessie Marshall, Matthew Oliviera and Tilly Norman won the Team event recording a time of 55.09.

Full Distance - Individuals

52.49 Eddie Smith

56.38 Kelly Guest
1.00.26 Nick Pilgrim
1.01.17 Steve Smith
1.01.29 Karen Smith
1.02.26 Byron Rencken
1.03.04 Kevin Ronaldson
1.03.34 Nuri Latham
1.03.47 Allison Petty
1.07.21 Steve O'Reilly
1.07.32 Joell Matthews
1.07.54 Kristen Palmer
1.07.55 Laura Norman
1.09.36 Liz Stewart
1.10.09 Louise Wells
1.11.50 Duncan Scott
1.13.25 Wes Lindo
1.16.38 Richard Hammond
1.16.53 Claire McDevitt
1.17.58 Charlie Duffy
1.18.01 Tom Hands
1.20.06 Caitlin Conyers
1.21.16 Maria Duffy
1.22.54 Kim McIvor
1.25.04 Christina Cabrall
1.25.05 Jamie Lee Wright
1.38.52 Judith Howe Tucker
1.40.27 Susan Breen

Other Distances - Individuals

1.02.06 Martin Sobey (Double run)
0.40.32 Phil Mace (swim and bike only)
0.43.08 Tyler Smith (short run)
0.50.29 Keisha Besler (short run)
1.20.58 Manning Smith (short bike/short run)
1.27.33 Charmaine Smith (short run)
1.38.19 Kirstie Jones (short bike)
Russell Burgess (swim only)
Ashley Estwanik (swim and bike only)
Julia Hawley (swim and bike only)

Full Distance - Teams

55.09 JMT (Jessie Marshall/Matthew Oliviera/Tilly Norman)

1.03.57 Pilgrim A (Charlie P/Alex P/Rosie Finnigan)
1.05.57 Ingham (Caleb/Tammy/Otis)
1.07.13 Pilgrim B (Molly/Ian/Donna)
1.13.26 Kelley's Heroes A (Kelly Guest/Megan Hands/Amber Simons)
1.14.03 Norman Conquest (Dave/Eddie/Debs)

Other Distances - Teams

50.56 Kelley's Heroes B (Kelly Guest/Jamie Peckett/Jamie Peckett) (short bike/short run)
53.21 Caleb Ingham/Tommy Marshall/Tommy Marshall) (short run)
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